Was Evil Angel Devilishly Good? Was Legends Cameo Too Random? Sports' Roughest Moment? And More TV Qs!

Evil Michael Archangel

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about dozens of shows including Legends of Tomorrow, Loki, The Bold Type and Good Girls!

1 | Was this week’s most harrowing moment in televised sports A) Simone Biles holding back tears after a not-up-to-her-usual-greatness but-still-amazing performance at the Olympic Trials… B) MLB pitcher Dylan Bundy tossing his cookies on the mound during an Angels/Yankees game… or C) Serena Williams leaving the Wimbledon court in tears after an agonizing knee injury?

2 | Did Evil‘s Michael make Supernatural‘s version of the archangel look downright friendly? Also, how long did it take you to recognize Great News’ Andrea Martin as Sister Andrea?

Legends of Tomorrow David Ramsey3 | We will always take as much David Ramsey as we can get, but what was the point — other than Sara’s fleeting double take — of him showing up on Legends of Tomorrow as a non-Diggle character? Also, did you catch Body of Proof‘s Nic Bishop (who played General Kilgore in an earlier episode) as the sheriff in this week’s Western-themed installment? And as great as Nate’s rant was, are you still waiting for him to get an actual storyline?

4 | We know Batwoman‘s finale was set amid a city-wide blackout, but wasn’t it particularly difficult to see what was happening in certain scenes? And given how light the Arrowverse has been with continuity this season, do you have any expectation that Kate’s visit to her “friend in National City” will be mentioned (let alone seen) on Supergirl?

5 | BET AwardsIs it safe to assume that someone in the BET Awards control room got a slap on the wrist for mistakenly cutting to Queen Latifah’s rumored real-life partner Eboni Nichols when the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient thanked her business partner, Shakim Compere? Speaking of Queen Latifah, how old did it make you feel to know all of the words to “U.N.I.T.Y” and “Ladies First”? And did you also jump to your feet for Monie Love and Lil Kim, or was that just us?

6 | On The Republic of Sarah, are you pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the Cooper family dynamics?

7 | Why did The Bachelorette insist on keeping Blake’s identity a secret, when they already went ahead and spoiled it in previews? And doesn’t his return kind of feel like a Hail Mary attempt to inject some drama into what’s been a listless season so far?

8 | Couldn’t Celebrity Dating Game host Zooey Deschanel have pressed Taye Diggs a bit harder about how he and bachelorette No. 1 already knew each other? Come on, dish!

9 | Do you think In Treatment‘s Brooke will stay with Adam after that finale? (Should she?) And would you tune in for another season of Brooke treating a new slate of patients?

10 | At this point, can we believe that any series is truly limited?

11 | As fine a doctor as The Flash‘s Caitlin is, was she really performing difficult, delicate surgery on Esperanza without anyone even resembling a medical professional assisting her? Also, did you think/fear for a moment that “WestAllen” would learn they are finally pregnant in an episode that was missing Candice Patton??

12 | Did you also feel like Episode 2 of David Makes Man should have been the Season 2 opener? And will David ever belong regardless of his age?

13 | Was it just a cruel irony that The Haves and the Have Nots had Veronica spew homophobia all over a gay bar during Pride Month?

14 | Since it has been the case for WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and now Loki, should we assume Episode 4 will always be a game-changer for Disney+’s Marvel shows? Also, is the Disney Store selling Alligator Loki plushes yet?

15 | Did Crime Scene Kitchen make the right call by cutting Erinn and Amanda, given how disturbingly soupy Cory and Donte’s entirely incorrect apple pie was?

16 | As much as we appreciated the effort put into Paramount+’s Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch, do you think the special would have benefited from a few — you know — jokes? And if this does become a recurring franchise, which other sitcoms should be tackled?

17 | The Bold Type fans, were you relieved that Sutton and Richard got back together? Or was it unrealistic that Richard would give up on having children?

18 | Now that Sistas‘ Andi has had a change of heart about Gary, does she get to keep the wedding dress? And is Maurice taking that thief from the club to the police station, or nah?

19 | Did anyone give a better performance this week than The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg, who suggested she’d miss frequent sparring partner Meghan McCain?

20 | The Good FightCan someone please tell The Good Fight‘s Caleb that barbershops are open again?

21 | With most of Generation‘s lovebirds experiencing some sort of tension or drama (particularly Mark/Megan, Chester/Bo and throuple Cooper/Delilah/Naomi), who do you think is heading toward Splitsville? And will “Rileta” finally talk about their mutual feelings in next week’s finale?

22 | Will Good Girls‘ Dean really have the cojones to sell out his own wife? And in honor of our dear Annie, we pose this either/or nightmare: Would you rather die of a thousand bee stings, or be mauled by a bear?

23 | How do we get Laganja’s lip sync in this week’s Drag Race All Stars submitted for preservation in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry?

24 | Now that we’re nearing the final chapters of Lisey’s Story, will the three sisters be able to take down Dooley as planned? What do you think they have up their sleeves?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!