David Boreanaz on SEAL Team's Move From CBS to Paramount+ in Season 5: 'Now I Can Drop the F-Bomb?'

Seal Team Season 5 Paramount Plus

Standards and practices, begone!

With SEAL Team relocating from squeaky clean CBS to the anything-goes world of streaming via Paramount+ for its fifth season, leading man David Boreanaz is salivating at the prospect of taking his potty mouth for a test drive.

“Oh my God. I’ve been in network TV for over 20 years and now I can drop the F-bomb?” the vet of Buffy, Angel and Bones muses enthusiastically to EW.com, before acknowledging that, “It’s not about dropping the F-bomb. You have to earn those moments. I think they will be more readily earned on a streaming platform. We can really go there now, and that’s going to be interesting, really. I’m excited about it.

“There are a lot standards and practices that we have to adhere to [on CBS], which we didn’t really want to adhere to,” adds Boreanaz, a frequent SEAL Team director. “It sometimes was a frustrating place to be, because we really want to be honest and truthful with these episodes. This allows us to go darker.”

With SEAL Team Season 5 getting a special, multi-Sunday preview on CBS this fall before making the jump to Paramount+, Boreanaz and Co. will still have to stick to the (clean) script for four more episodes. “I think that’s a good launching pad for us,” he says of the CBS tee-up. “It allows us to kind of sell that transition.”