Evil Season 2: EPs Tease That a Main Character Will Seek Exorcism — But Maybe Not the One You Think

Evil ended its first season finale with a beelzebub-ian bang: Kristen Bouchard, the forensic psychologist/religious skeptic played by Katja Herbers, was burned by a crucifix in her hand — a sure sign of demonic possession. (Go here to refresh yourself about what else happened in the ep.)

And while we don’t yet know what that development will mean for Kristen when the drama returns to CBS for Season 2, on Tuesday the show’s creators/executive producers let TVLine in on some of the devilish delights afoot in the forthcoming season premiere.

First, there won’t be any time jump between Kristen’s bewildered, post-burn look in the mirror and the events of the season opener. When Season 2 starts up, “It’s two seconds later,” Robert King said during a joint interview with Michelle King to promote their Spectrum zombie satire series, The Bite.

“We like that, because we feel chronology is drama, the chronology of, ‘OK that just happened, now how are they going to deal with that?,'” he said. “There’s drama in that. You say ‘four months later,’ then it’s like, ‘What happened? What did we miss?'”

The Kings’ second — and far creepier — tease involves Leland Townsend, the wily agent of the underworld (we think) played by Michael Emerson. “Leland comes to the church saying he needs an exorcism, because he sold his soul to the devil,” Robert King adds.

Could it be true? Might Leland be powerless against the forces of darkness working through him? “It’s a question of whether it’s a con or whether it’s real,” Robert King explains. “And if it’s a con, is he trying to manipulate us? And why?”

No word yet on when Evil will return, though “Hopefully, they’ll be announcing that soon-ish,” Michelle King said. “I can tell you that we are filming [Season 2’s] 12th episode right now.”

Your turn! What do you think about the premiere teases? And what are your predictions for Season 2? Sound off in the comments!

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