Big Sky Sneak Peek: With Just One Phone Call, Jerrie's Terror Returns


Don’t pick up the phone, Jerrie!

Because when you do — in Tuesday’s supersized Big Sky return (ABC, 9/8c) — we guarantee you’re not going to like who’s on the other end.

The two-hour midseason premiere is set three months after Ronald’s escape, and he’s still managing to evade any and all attempts to pin him down. But he isn’t too busy to torment and terrorize one of his former victims, as we see in the exclusive sneak peek below.

Since Pergman has been on the lam, a lot has been going on back in town. Cassie and Jenny are now officially partners with a bunch of new cases. But they’ve got to deal with a domestic case that goes really, really bad, and don’t love that a U.S. Marshall has taken a sudden, nosy interest in their files. And then Jenny gets a disturbing call from an old boyfriend, which leads into a new case in a new jurisdiction.

The back half of Season 1 will introduce a bunch of new faces into Cassie and Jenny’s day-to-day, including Ted Levine (The Bridge) as ranch owner Horst Kleinasse, Michelle Forbes (The Killing) as his wife Margaret, Michael Raymond-James (Once Upon a Time) as Blake, Jenny’s ex. Other cast additions include Ryan Dorsey (Pitch), Kyle Schmid (SIX), Britt Robertson (Life UneXpected) and Omar Metwally (The Affair).

Press PLAY on the video below to get a look at Tuesday’s episodes, then hit the comments with your predictions!

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