Legacies Recap: A Bittersweet Return Leads to a Surprising Departure

Legacies Recap

Still reeling from the sting of MG’s so-called betrayal, a fractured Super Squad attempted to rescue Landon from the prison world on Thursday’s Legacies. Needless to say, there were a few hiccups.

After confirming that Landon was still, in fact, alive, Hope rallied the troops to save their phoenix pal, only for the Salvatore School’s new pariah to stand against her dangerous, half-baked plan. “You know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, or anyone at this school,” MG told Hope. “Even Jed!” (Nice.) Still, he couldn’t in good conscience proceed with Hope’s reckless plan, which could very well end with one or more students dying. Probably Wade.

Much to everyone’s surprise (and Hope’s severe dismay), Lizzie sided with MG, helping him steal the ascendant and take it on a secret road trip to wait out the celestial event. That is, until Hope got Josie (who’s “supposed to be all about that Muggle life”) involved, at which point Lizzie knew her sister would never stop until she got the ascendant. Poor MG finally believed that Lizzie had his back the way he’s had hers, only for her to turn right around and syphon him to sleep.

“I have so many things I want to explain to you,” she said through tears. “I regret all the times I let you down or made you feel used. And I promise that I’m going to try really, really hard not to do it ever again… starting first thing in the morning.” Ouch.

Lizzie arrived just in time to stop Josie from returning her magical switch to the on position, offering up her own power — or at least what she managed to syphon from MG — to help Hope use the ascendant. Unfortunately, the dark magic from the Necromancer’s prison world began to infect Hope and Lizzie mid-spell, forcing Josie to intervene and blow the thing to pieces. Given their apparent failure, all three witches were understandably surprised when Landon appeared in front of them, complete with a cheeky “Long time, no see.” (You know, as in the title of the episode.)

To be fair, it wasn’t Hope’s wonky spell that brought her boyfriend back. The credit for that miracle goes to Cleo, who nose-bled big time when she summoned the literal Ferryman of the River Styx. Delighted by Kaleb & Co.’s rousing performance of “Someone to Watch Over Me,” the ferryman (aka “supernatural Simon Cowell”) agreed to bring back Landon.

Which means Hope’s botched ascendant plan must be to blame for the arrival of the skull-masked baddie we first saw lurking in the prison world at the top of the hour… before lurking in the woods outside of the Salvatore School at the bottom. Ruh-roh!

Also worth discussing…

* “Darkness is the only thing I can remember” is the most Landon-y thing Landon has ever said. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what his debut album would be called. And it would be emo as hell. That said, I appreciated the way his end-of-episode chat with Hope included a brief mention of when Klaus spent much of The Originals‘ final season trying to save Hayley. Landon was so right when he said, “Risking everything for the people you love is a classic Mikaelson move.”

* Let’s talk about Cleo. Several commenters mentioned last week that they think Klaus (or perhaps another Mikaelson) killed Cleo’s family. Did she do anything this week to result in further suspicion? I definitely raised an eyebrow at her mini TED Talk about how there is no “light” or “dark” magic, but everything she’s done so far has been to the good guys’ benefit. So I continue to trust her.

* I’m not surprised that Josie wants to move out of the Salvatore School, especially if she’s still enrolled at Mystic Falls High School and wants a life free of magic. But here’s my question: Who’s the “friend” of Alaric and Caroline who’s letting Josie live in their house?

* Speaking of potential departures, this week’s episode might just turn out to be the straw that breaks MG’s back — or however that saying would work here. Lizzie thought she could make everything OK with a next-day apology, but MG is clearly uncertain about his place at the school, going as far as to say that it’s not his home “anymore.” (Don’t do this to us, Season 3. You already took Rafael!)

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