Station 19 Midseason Premiere Recap: Cold Blood and Hot Pursuit

station 19 recap season 4 episode 6 andrew deluca stabbed

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Station 19. If you’d rather watch first, read later, off ya go.

While you unclench (or try to) after Thursday’s intense midseason premiere of Station 19 — in which it appeared that Grey’s Anatomy doc DeLuca’s ticket got punched at a train station — climb back aboard at least long enough to review how we got from pursuing justice to fearing the worst.

‘IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A STOMACHACHE IN YOUR HEAD?’ | Picking up shortly after the midseason finale left off, the firefighters of Station 19 were left reeling by Dean and Sullivan’s arrests by the cops who’d been as much use in saving Shanice and Jada as matches would be in putting out a blaze. Owing to Ryan, Andy had always thought of the police as their allies. But, she told Jack as they prepped the firehouse for Inspection Day, “I’m married to a Black man now, and… I saw it with different eyes” yesterday. Travis tried to distract himself and Vic by pressing her to discuss her new crush. However, she couldn’t keep inside of her the lifelong ache that the incident had brought up. “You know if those girls were white, they’d be on the cover of newspapers now,” she said. And she was beyond tired of having to shout to be heard. Black women “shouldn’t have to yell in the street,” she cried. “I am so angry, I can’t calm down, and I’m so sad, I’m literally vibrating.” And since she couldn’t date fellow firefighter Theo, she and Travis would just have to be fire widows together.

Meanwhile, DeLuca and Carina played follow that car with sex trafficker Opal, who stopped in an alley to exchange the kind of envelope that’s only ever full of money with a heretofore-unknown man. No way, no how was Andrew letting Opal out of his sight; he blamed himself for being too unstable to be trusted when he could’ve busted her in the first place. When Maya filled in her team, she allowed Jack and Ben to take off and do what the police weren’t — offer support to the DeLucas. “Aren’t we gonna wait for the cops?” Dean asked his captain. Wasn’t that the protocol? Or did that only apply when a Black woman cried that her daughter was being held hostage inside a white man’s house? “Those girls had to set a fire to get your attention,” raged Miller, “when you could’ve just had my back.” #truth While all that was going on, the DeLucas tailed Opal to a train station and sent a snap of her car’s Idaho license plate to be run through the system. (It was registered to Bob, it turned out, a development that finally got law enforcement moving.)

station 19 recap season 4 episode 6 andrew deluca stabbed‘YOU’RE MY FAVORITE GIRLFRIEND CARINA’S EVER HAD — AND THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT’ | En route to the train station, Ben offered Jack advice on being there for Dean, starting with do not lead with, well, ya know, there are a lotta good cops out there. “Yesterday,” Warren noted, “you saw how some of those good cops treat Black men when they don’t have firefighter uniforms on.” When Opal entered the train station, the DeLucas followed… all the way onto a train. Desperately worried, Maya left Andy in charge of the station for the inspection, despite how that would look to Battalion Chief Gregory. Yesterday, Maya had gone against her gut and towed the line for fear that she wouldn’t just be the first female captain, she’d be the last. But she couldn’t do that again. “I’m a first responder,” she said. “I’m gonna respond.” Aboard the terror train, DeLuca wondered aloud why their parents had split up him and Carina as kids. That, she, confessed, had been her idea. As Mama and Papa had begun discussing divorce, Carina had known she could handle their dad. So, lest Andrea remain trapped with his instability, she’d told their mother to take him with her when she moved to the States.

Back at the station, Travis’ “painfully earnest” speech was interrupted by Dean. He’d made a big decision: He was going to go after the cops in court. “If we don’t fight them, nothing changes,” he noted. And he wasn’t just a proud Black firefighter, he was a proud Black firefighter with money. Or at least he would be when he made up with his family. When Chief Gregory arrived, he found the exhausted gang conked out. But Andy was able to stand up for an MIA Maya. “Our captain,” Herrera said, “is setting an example for what it means to be a first responder.” Besides that, Gregory understood what they had been through in the last 24 hours and marveled at their heroism… prompting Vic to break down in tears. “I don’t do this,” she wept. As the hour drew to a close, DeLuca separated from Carina to chase Opal through the train station at which they’d arrived. He was only slowed down when a man bumped into him — a man we wouldn’t realize had stabbed Andrew until after Opal had been apprehended outside. By the time Carina found her brother… yikes. It was not looking good. What did you think of the midseason premiere? On your way to the comments, grade it in the poll below. Then follow the action to Grey’s Anatomy (recapped here).

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