This Is Us' Latest Flash-Forward Confirms [Spoiler] Is Alive and Well

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for this week’s This Is Us.

On this week’s This Is Us, another two members of the Pearson family proved they’ll still be around in the not-too-far-off future.

The episode gave us glimpses of a young medical intern who blew off her introduction to the Labor and Delivery unit, then went to meet another young woman outside the hospital. During their friendly conversation, we learned that the medical intern was newly pregnant and hadn’t told many people yet. And when the women’s car arrived at Kevin’s cabin, and was greeted by Old Randall, we realized that we were in a flash-forward. The medical intern was Deja as an adult (played by La Trice Harper from Twitch’s Artificial). And the woman driving the car was Annie as an adult (Iyana Halley, Sharp Objects). (Read a full recap of the episode here, and Jon Huertas’ thoughts about directing it here.)

The sequence was the first of its kind in Season 5; the last time we got a peek at what’s to come was in the Season 4 finale, which updated both the Rebecca-Is-Probably-Dying and Here’s-Baby-Jack-All-Grown-Up flash-forwards. And because we’ve always loved tracking these things in detail, how about a little clue-hunting?

We’ve gathered all of the Rebecca-centric flash-forward in the gallery at right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and salient intel from interviews with the show’s stars and producers. We’ve updated it every time the show airs additional flash-forward footage, and we’ll continue to do so until all of your — and our — questions are answered.

So flip through the gallery above — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments with the clues you’ve noticed, theories you’ve brewed up and anything else related to the future of the Pearson fam!

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