Did This Is Us Border Crossing Confuse? Did WandaVision Miss Olsens Nod? Is Riverdale Timeline Weird? And More Qs

This Is Us Kevin Border

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including WandaVision, 9-1-1: Lone Star, This Is Us, Riverdale and Chicago Fire!

1 | In Firefly Lane Episode 6, how did Travis manage to call back Kate after her hang-up when his phone would’ve registered Seattle Digest‘s main line, not her direct one? Would “I Will Survive” really have been the karaoke number he chose in Episode 9? And WTH was Wilson going on about in Episode 10, telling Tully that they needed to draw the coveted male demographic to the daytime talker The Girlfriend Hour?

2 | Doesn’t Y: 1883 sound less like a Yellowstone prequel and more like a Y: The Last Man spinoff?

3 | As MacGyver‘s litany of eye rolls go, does Riley instantly locating the items Mac needed from a moving airport luggage belt rank really high? Or was it the impromptu, untrained pole vault that crossed a line for you?

4 | Yeah, yeah, pandemic times and all… but couldn’t The Weeknd have thrown in a costume change or two during his Super Bowl halftime performance? And didn’t Dramamine miss an advertising opportunity with that vertiginous bit in the hall of mirrors?

5 | On Your Honor, would Kofi’s GED test results really include not only the date he took the test, but the time of day he took it?

6 | Is Snowpiercer keeping Josie alive an early frontrunner for TV’s most unnecessary plot twist of 2021?

7 | On a scale from 1 to Whiplash, how surprised were you by 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s out-of-nowhere pregnancy reveal? And were you good surprised or bad surprised?

8 | Did Bob Hearts Abishola‘s two (!) dance numbers — the first to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” the second to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” — make you smile or cringe? 

9 | Did the problem with SPRQPoint’s software on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist remind you of Better Off Ted‘s “Racial Sensitivity” episode (and make you sad that this is still an issue more than 10 years later)?

10 | This Is Us, where to start? A laboring Madison didn’t drive herself to the hospital, did she?… Couldn’t Kevin have called Rebecca to be with Madison? They are her grandbabies…. We know Kevin was running to catch a flight, but didn’t his dumping of the car-accident victim at the ER doors nonetheless seem cold? (And given that said victim was played by The West Wing/Scandal vet Josh Malina and only had a handful of lines, how likely is it that we’ll see him again?)… Had Kevin traveled to Canada without a passport? If he did bring one, why didn’t he mention to the TSA agent that he had lost that piece of ID, too?… And while, yes, you apparently can drive from Canada to Seattle with just a driver’s license as ID, could the show have been a bit clearer about where Kevin was and when?

11 | Why would NCIS conspicuously never specify the cause of thirtysomething Breena’s surprising, off-camera death, only to have a cast member make clear that it was COVID, and in a preview Q&A?

Bg Sky Ronald Erik

12 | We understand that Big Sky‘s Ronald keeps to himself, but surely little Erik wasn’t the only neighbor to see him regularly and be able to identify him from the detailed crime sketch, was he? (And is the kid who played Erik as well as a kidnapping victim on Fox’s NEXT being typecast?)

13 | Did you scream/gasp when The Resident‘s Mina stapled her own wound like it was nothing?

14 | Not that Prodigal Son had any real reason for Bellamy Young’s Jessica to share a scene with Kate Burton’s Mrs. Windsor, but weren’t you hoping for that li’l Scandal reunion to happen? Also, wouldn’t Ainsley’s personal connection to the Windsor School be an enormous conflict of interest for her news story?

15 | Was Panera Bread’s Valentine’s Day commercial starring Boy Meets World‘s Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel more entertaining than half the ads that aired during the Super Bowl?

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel16 | Does Netflix’s excruciatingly bloated, shamelessly misleading Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel set a record for most red herrings jammed into a single true crime docuseries?

17 | When Chicago Fire‘s Casey and Severide were discussing their respective relationship woes, were you thinking, “Oh, you beautiful dummies”? And during the last scene, did you think Severide or Stella was going to propose?

18 | Did Chicago P.D. need, at the very least, a throwaway line about how Burgess is balancing a full-time job as a cop with caring for a young child?

Riverdale Time Jump Archie Toni Veronica19 | Could Riverdale have done more to make Archie and the gang look different after a seven-year time jump? Didn’t anyone flag the fact that Betty’s extremely Clarice Starling-y storyline launched just a day before Clarice premiered on CBS? And since Veronica said they’re now in the year 2021 after the time jump, that means they graduated high school in… 2014?

20 | Wait, did Young Sheldon’s first three seasons span just two school years? The pilot took place in the fall of 1989, and Thursday’s episode referenced The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Season 2 premiere, which aired September 1991.

B Positive Donahue21 | Prior to showing up in this week’s B Positive for the first time in god knows how many episodes, had you forgotten You’re the Worst’s Kether Donohue was a series regular? At what point are they going to give Leanne something to do?

22 | Why does Last Man Standing insist on doing storylines about grandchildren Sarah and Evelyn if they’re never going to appear on screen? And did you, too, suffer second-hand embarrassment when Krista Marie Yu started rapping in the cold open?

23 | Was there a more cringeworthy moment on TV this week than The Unicorn‘s Wade calling new girlfriend Shannon by his dead wife’s name?

24 | Couldn’t The Stand‘s Tom Cullen have gotten a teensy bit more on-screen credit for rescuing Stu and bringing him back to Boulder? A “thank you” from Frannie, at least?

25 | Which moment from WandaVision Episode 6 did you find more chilling: that unsettling Yo-Magic commercial, or the brief glimpse of Dead Pietro? And now that the show has moved into 2000s sitcoms, are you a little bummed we never got a direct, meta reference to Full House?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!