Big Sky Video: Cassie Answers Tough Questions After That Big Shooting

big sky video kylie bunbury season 1 episode 6

Cassie Dewell was the undisputed hero of Big Sky‘s fall finale… so why is she suddenly being treated like Suspect No. 1?

That’s the question at the center of this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s winter premiere (ABC, 10/9c), which finds Cassie in Sheriff Tubb’s office answering questions about Officer Rick Legarski’s shooting.

Kylie Bunbury’s character seems a little shaken — naturally — as Tubb presses her for what happened after she discovered Legarski hiding Grace, Jerrie and Danielle at the All In Bar. But we really don’t like the way the questioning is going toward the end of the sneak peek, particularly how Tubb seems fixated on the notion that the crooked state trooper hadn’t drawn his weapon at the time of the shooting.

One important note: While we assume that the sex trafficker did not survive the bullet that Cassie fired into his skull, at no point in the clip do either of them verify that Big Rick is dead. And John Carroll Lynch wouldn’t do so, either, when TVLine spoke with him after the episode aired. Are we paranoid? Probably. Will we feel much better when we see Legarski’s corpse getting hauled out of the All In Bar? Definitely.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the clip, then hit the comments: Are you looking forward to Big Sky‘s return? 

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