Big Sky's Jenny and Cassie Gain a Huge Advantage Against Legarski — Watch

Hell hath no fury like a pair of women lied to, patronized, threatened and underestimated.

Jenny and Cassie run into Officer Rick Legarski in this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s Big Sky (ABC, 10/9c). But it’s no chance encounter, as evidenced by the way Cassie every-so-casually pops a tracker into the wheel well of the Montana state trooper’s SUV. Good thing Legarski doesn’t seem to see her do it — though he’s certainly not happy to run into The Many Loves of Cody Hoyt.

Still, Legarski tries to turn on his sympathetic public servant face when Jenny introduces herself as Cody’s wife. It’s entertaining — given what we all know — but not quite as entertaining as the daggers Cassie is lowkey shooting Rick during the exchange. Hey, at least now she’ll know where he goes, right?

During the episode, the disappearance of Dani and Grace finally goes public, which pushes Jenny and Cassie to work with what they’ve got in order to make headway. Per the episode’s official synopsis, “Legarski attempts to keep cool, but Ronald takes a different approach to protecting himself. Still captive, Danielle and Jerrie tend to Grace, who makes a painful decision in an attempt to save them all.” (Read our interview with Jade Pettyjohn for some scoop on that last bit.)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your predictions on where the story will head next!

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