Did Mandalorian Cop Out With Ahsoka? Did Filthy Rich Heat Up Too Late? What Did The Undoing Undo? And More Qs!

Mandalorian Ahsoka Tano

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Mandalorian, Big Sky, SEAL Team and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Is the biggest Mandalorian question now: Did producers leak Baby Yoda’s real name to toy manufacturers in time for the Christmas rush? (Speaking of which, safe to say that this [Episode 6 spoiler!] will be a new Funko Pop?) And as great as Ahsoka Tano’s introduction was, was it a bit of a cop-out that she can’t train Grogu? Why would whatever Jedi the Child winds up summoning on Tython believe any different? 

2 | Did Industry‘s Robert deserve the verbal smackdown he got from Daria? And who did Harper do dirtier this season: Eric or Daria? Lastly, are you Team Harper or Team Yasmin?

3 | On The Undoing, were you surprised by how unsurprising the ending was, if that makes sense? So Jonathan just forfeited that hefty $2 million bail, then? How was Henry able to run the ginormous murder weapon through the dishwasher not once but twice without someone — his mother, the housekeeper — noticing? (Does he have his own private, padlocked kitchen?) And finally, what got “undone,” exactly?

4 | All RiseWas All Rise having some wink-wink fun by introducing Hawaii Five-0 vet Ian Anthony Dale’s character during a luau-themed party? And did you feel for Jessica Camacho, having to recite a mouthful of dialogue while rock climbing?

5 | On The Neighborhood, shouldn’t professional conflict mediator Dave be better at, ya know, mediating conflicts with Gemma? Would they really need a marriage counselor to work through minor squabbles involving date-night punctuality and unsqueezed kitchen sponges?

6 | As much as we relished Filthy Rich‘s series-ending bombshells, did the short-lived Fox drama wait too long to make its characters interesting? Where was all this fire (pun intended!) nine episodes ago?

7 | Regarding The Good Doctor, TVLine reader Jeff asks, “Anyone else think Carl’s death was 95-percent Lim’s fault? She has known Shaun for more than three years now. She should know how to communicate with him. She told him to trust Asher and Olivia know what they’re doing. If she had said trust but verify, or supervise but don’t hover (and defined those parameters better), then Shaun would never have declined to verify the abdominal exam.” Also, it’s only a matter of time before new roommates Park and Morgan hook up, right?

8 | Are you surprised The Bachelorette keeps bringing in so many special guests to host the weekly challenges, considering each of them needs to quarantine before joining the La Quinta bubble? (That said, this season’s low-key, bare-bones dates have been quite enjoyable, no?)

9 | Couldn’t Big Sky‘s Danielle and Jerrie have mounded up some clothes in the container and pretended it was Grace sleeping, to at least buy her some time? Also, wouldn’t Legarski’s smarter play have been to calmly approach the fisherman and offer to usher Grace to safety? Lastly, does Ronald actually work for a trucking company? If so, hasn’t he missed quite a bit of work by now?

SEAL Team Cerberus10 | If you’re a parent to a doggo, how difficult was SEAL Team‘s season premiere to watch unfold? Also, when Bravo 1 showed up in the flashbacks, were you like, “Well of course buff-and-scruffy Bailey Chase is playing him”?

11 | How many Amazing Race fans were secretly hoping that Gary and DeAngelo would be the ones U-Turned (or eliminated!) this week?

12 | Can The Masked Singer stop with the panel’s faux surprise when a guest judge joins them? Was it truly shocking to anyone — on set or at home — when Craig Robinson, the host of the show’s spinoff The Masked Dancer, showed up for the semifinals?

13 | What was with The Conners‘ Occupy Wall Street-inspired storyline this week, when those protests were not the ones making headlines in 2020? And why are half the people living in that house suddenly potheads this season?

14 | How did Coroner‘s Jenny get all the way from her home to her office after being drugged with ketamine?

Flight Attendant15 | For how long was The Flight Attendant‘s Cassie standing at that intersection if the body fell at her feet at night and she was still there when the coroner carted the body away in morning light?

16 | With Superstore ending so soon after she left, what are the chances America Ferrera agrees to come back for the last couple of episodes, to let Jonah and Amy have their happily ever after?

17 | As sweet as it was of Station 19‘s Maya to invite Andy to move back in during her separation from Sullivan, shouldn’t Bishop have, we dunno, at least mentioned it first to Carina, with whom she’d just started quarantining?

greys anatomy season 17 photos18 | Wasn’t it odd how much more Grey’s Anatomy allowed Meredith to interact with George than Derek? Wouldn’t it have been far kinder — and smarter — of Teddy to send someone, anyone, else to check on Tom? And are you, too, finding it hard to hear the dialogue over your groans as Levi gravitates back toward the worst boyfriend ever?

19 | On A Million Little Things, doesn’t it seem unlikely that a movie star like the one Rome courted to be in his film would be willing to travel to meet him — a first-time writer/director — rather than making him come to her? Are Grace Park and TV son Tristan Byon actually that bad of ping-pong players, or that good of actors? Lastly, TVLine reader Kathy asks, “How can Delia and her dad go to France when U.S. visitors are not allowed international travel/flights during the pandemic?”

20 | If B Positive‘s Julia was the one to move out when she and Drew separated (as established in the pilot), why are so many of the things he wants in the divorce over at her new place?

21 | Mom fans, were you hoping that with Christy gone, and The Rustic Fig out of the picture, that we wouldn’t have to suffer through another Chef Rudy appearance?

22 | Did The Unicorn‘s Wade handle Shannon’s birthday conundrum correctly, or should he have listened to her and backed off a bit?

23 | Why does ABC insist on the term “winter finale” instead of “fall finale”? It’s not actually winter yet, and most of their shows will be back in a matter of weeks!

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!