Post Mortems

Masked Singer's Trio of Castoffs Talks Disguising Highly Recognizable Voices and Killing at Karaoke

Two of the performers exiting The Masked Singer this week are known for their pipes, and the other is known for ruling the halfpipe.

Wednesday’s Super Six semifinals featured a solid slate of strong performances. (Read a full recap.) But at the end, Seahorse, Popcorn and Jellyfish were called to take off their masks and depart the competition. When their costume toppers were removed, Seahorse was revealed to be singer/songwriter Tori Kelly, Popcorn was revealed to be ’80s/’90s chanteuse Taylor Dayne and Jellyfish was revealed to be Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim.

TVLine chatted with all three women for some tidbits about their time on the show. Topics of conversation included:

KELLY REALLY DOES SOUND LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS | And she knows it! “I’ve always loved doing vocal impressions,” she says. “I got excited about picking different songs so I could let those little alter egos come out. So the Britney song? I was waiting for that moment.” She adds that her approach to “…Baby One More Time” was to “hint at the Britney impression but then towards the end, I slowly teased people with my own voice and tried to make it my own a little more.”

DAYNE’S MASKED SINGER ALUM PAL IS SOMEONE YOU PROBABLY KNOW | Remember when Popcorn’s costumed friend dished a few clues in Episode 7? Turns out, that was Scientology and the Aftermath‘s Leah Remini — a past Masked guest judge — who really did have karaoke parties where Dayne tried to get out of performing. “She was ahead of her time,” Dayne says, laughing as she notes that Remini usually wound up getting a song or two out of her.

SPEAKING OF KARAOKE, THE KIMS KNOW HOW TO GET DOWN | Kim tells TVLine that her family has a serious amateur singing set-up in their living room, and “every time we have a family gathering — there’s six of us in total — we always end the night with a karaoke session, which usually involves a lot of wine for my family members. So I’m just sitting there, watching everyone be a little rowdy.” Her go-to? “‘Chandelier’ by Sia,” she says. “I’m not saying it’s good! But I can start it and finish it. I may not have a voice for the next couple of days, but it was definitely worth it.”

KELLY HAD AN ATYPICAL COSTUME EXPERIENCE | “I actually feel like I got really lucky with my costume, because the body part of it was real easy to move around in. It’s just kind of stretchy material,” she recalls. “I can’t really complain, because I’ve heard of people just sweating so much in their costume, and it’s this big, giant thing. I definitely wanted to make sure I could dance around in mine beforehand, so I’m glad they made it happen.”

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING ABOUT CHLOE KIM (PART I) | Taking the stage as Jellyfish, “I was so nervous. Like, you have no idea,” the Olympic gold medalist tells TVLine. “I was way more nervous than I am snowboarding, even at the Olympics.”

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING ABOUT CHLOE KIM (PART II) | During the chat, Kim said she was spending her increased time at home during the pandemic watching a bunch of TV shows, including New Girl. “I’ve already finished the show but I’m rewatching it because my boyfriend’s never seen it before. We’re on Season 4 or something, and we started last week,” she reports, laughing. “I’m at Cece’s wedding right now, and I cried so much. My boyfriend’s just patting my back like, ‘It’s OK.” I’m sobbing. It’s ridiculous. But it makes me happy, so whatever.”