Supernatural's Killer Revival Puzzle? Undoing Low on Spirits? Fresh Prince Star MIA for OG Aunt Viv? And More Qs

Supernatural Series Finale

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including All Rise, Chicago Med, A Million Little Things and Supernatural!

1 | It’s been happening for years, but when People’s Choice Award winners say, “This means so much because it comes from you, the people,” do they not realize how condescending they all sound? Also, can we officially do away with these virtual Zoom audiences at award shows?

2 | We realize that Fargo has a taste for eccentric character names, but did this week’s episode push it a little too far with the introduction of Beachwood Indiana, Hunk Swindell and Hickory J. Milch?

The Undoing3 | On The Undoing, how is it possible that none of the grownups at Grace’s awkward viewing party from hell were nursing an alcoholic beverage?

4 | Did NCIS: LA‘s Lt. Col. Castro accomplish anything during the trial’s continuance besides wait for Callen & Co. to crack the case?

5 | Is Supermarket Sweep‘s “Guess the receipt abbreviation” game pretty anachronistic, since for a while now receipts have detailed the product, brand and more?

6 | Is there any way the Alec Baldwin/Kelsey Grammer sitcom doesn’t add either Damon Wayans or David Alan Grier as its third roommate?

7 | Did the Bob Hearts Abishola proposal feel a bit premature, or were you happy to see things move along so quickly? And while we can appreciate some shows ignoring COVID entirely, wasn’t it a bit weird to see nurses Abishola, Kemi and Gloria treating patients sans PPE?

8 | All Rise fans, which unexpected premiere turn hurt more: Mark and Lola’s fight, or Emily and Luke’s breakup?

9 | What was more cringe about Bull‘s surprise musical episode — that they were simply lip-synching, or the pains they went to just shoot around Michael Weatherly’s non-dancing? Also, when Bull was speaking to … himself… did the other one remind you of NCIS‘ DiNozzo?

10 | As TVLine reader “Lisa” pointed out, wouldn’t The Good Doctor‘s transition to a post-COVID world have been less jarring if the show had simply indicated that a significant amount of time had passed between Episodes 2 and 3? Was arrogant resident-applicant Will Hooper really all that toxic a human being? And while we can overlook Shaun discussing his sex life at work, why did Lea go on to contribute to the conversation rather than put a stop to it?

11 | Isn’t a big strange that Conan O’Brien didn’t address his imminent retirement from late-night on-air, following Tuesday’s big announcement?

12 | On This Is Us, wouldn’t someone as Type A as Randall have made damn sure Malik had ended the livestream before channeling his inner Chippendale directly in front of the camera? Also, did you find it a little hard to believe that in Kate and Toby’s extended fertility journey, during which women usually have to discuss whether/how often they’ve been pregnant before, her pregnancy never came up? Or was Toby just not in the room when/if it did? Lastly, did it suddenly dawn on you that, no, this won’t feel like a regular TV season, when Promo Guy announced that the show was taking a six-week break after just four episodes, and would not return until Jan. 5?

13 | Did The Bachelorette‘s Chasen sign a royalty deal where he gets paid every time he called Tayshia a “smokeshow”? Or does he just not know any other compliments?

14 | Is it too late to swap out the new Saved by the Bell theme song for the old one?

Fresh Prince Reunion

Photo credit: @MitchMarchand/Twitter

15 | Did The Fresh Prince‘s Alfonso Ribeiro leave the set before TV mom Janet Hubert (aka OG Aunt Viv) showed up and reunited with her estranged costars? And did the special set a high bar for future cast reunions? (We’re looking at you, Friends.)

16 | In the world of #OneChicago: On Med, was Will’s reaction to not being named chief over the top, considering he wasn’t even thinking of the job that morning and hadn’t advocated for himself earlier? Did Fire‘s Casey forget that Gabby already asked him to leave with her, and he said Chicago was his home? And how incredibly touching was it that Severide went out of his way to retrieve the totaled ambo’s door with the Leslie Shay engraving?

17 | When The Conners‘ Dan said to Louise, “You don’t want to see me hungry — there used to be another kid around here,” was he referring to retconned Conner child Jerry? And did you ever believe, even for a second, that Darlene was pregnant, or were you expecting a false-positive the whole time?

18 | On black-ish, wasn’t Bow’s “We can just have the wedding outside!” nonchalance about Ruby and Pops’ nuptials really at odds with her seriousness about the COVID-19 pandemic in the season premiere?

19 | Having seen this week what was clearly the I Can See Your Voice pilot (taped pre-COVID), do you actually prefer the detectives’ current seating plan, as well as the higher ($100K) stakes?

20 | Are The Amazing Race‘s Kaylynn and Haley one of the luckiest teams ever? And do you think the big alliance will soon turn on Gary and DeAngelo?

21 | What was the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special‘s best sight gag? Luke’s blue milk mustache? Darth Maul showing up as only a torso?

Supernatural22 | Supernatural series finale spoiler alert! Couldn’t the makeup team have made Old Sam’s hands and arms look even slightly elderly while he was on his deathbed? Is it too soon to theorize about how the show will resurrect Dean and Sam in the inevitable revival? What’s your pitch? And did we miss a recent edict that every series finale has to end in the afterlife (see also: Vampire Diaries, Arrow and The Good Place)?

A Million Little Things23 | Can we talk about A Million Little Things‘ 5-cups, 1-tray, 1-handed, 10-degree tilt #EmptyCoffeeCups situation?

24 | On Superstore, which TV reference did you prefer: Jonah telling the others that his father insists he watch Yellowstone, or Sandra beating the in-store-vaganza wheel with a bat, demanding they bring back The Vampire Diaries? And while we respect Sandra’s passion, has no one told her about Legacies? Also, we get that Superstore and the Despicable Me franchise are both part of the NBCUniversal family, but are we to believe that there’s an entire aisle at Cloud 9 dedicated to the Minions?

B Positive25 | Is B Positive‘s Cannoli the biggest dog you’ve ever seen on television?

26 | We know it was a dream and all, but when Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith told Derek that she missed him, couldn’t he have said that he missed her, too — instead of “I know”? And is the show now actively working to make us dislike Teddy? Finally, who do we think will be Mer’s next blast from the past?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!