Good Doctor's Richard Schiff Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis: 'This Is Tough'

Glassman remains quarantined in 'The Good Doctor' Season 4, Episode 2

The Good Doctor‘s Richard Schiff announced late Tuesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19.  The actor’s wife, Sheila Kelley — who co-stars on the ABC drama as the spouse of Schiff’s Dr. Glassman — has similarly tested positive.

“On Election Day I tested positive for Covid-19,” Schiff revealed on Twitter. “This has been the most bizarre week of our lives. Sheila Kelley is also positive. This is tough. We are determined to find a way to health again. We root for everyone out there who are struggling with this thing. Love from here.”

In a subsequent Instagram post, Kelley elaborated on Schiff’s announcement. “We‘re quarantined in our home in Vancouver, recovering,” she shared. “This virus is a slippery sucker. One minute you feel almost fine and the next you can’t catch your breath. Symptoms change radically daily even hourly.”

According to a Good Doctor source, the show’s shooting schedule has been adjusted to accommodate Schiff’s temporary leave and there has been no discernible impact to production. Reps at ABC and Sony Pictures Television declined to comment.

The Good Doctor‘s two-part Season 4 premiere addressed COVID head-on, chronicling the first few months of the pandemic from the perspective of St. Bonaventure’s frontline workers (read post mortem). Beginning with Episode 3 (airing next Monday, Nov. 16), the medical drama will enter a post-COVID world, but continue to address the ongoing, real-life pandemic with a PSA before each episode featuring series star Freddie Highmore.

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