The Masked Singer: Is Broccoli a Well-Known Crooner? — Plus, New Clues About Mushroom, Jellyfish and More

The Masked Singer Season 4 Clues Guesses Episode 7

America unseated a monster this week.

I’m talking about Squiggly Monster, of course, who left The Masked Singer at the end of Wednesday’s episode after a breezy, fun performance of the Rolling Stones hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”

Squiggly did an admirable job, but other showings by his competition — including Jellyfish’s melancholy rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” and Mushroom’s belt-tastic version of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” — were stronger. And when the many-handed, top-hatted, furry freakshow was unmasked, he was revealed to be Full House/Fuller House dad Bob Saget. (Go here for a full recap of the episode.)

Now, ahead of Episode 7 on Wednesday (Fox, 8/7c), it’s time to revisit our comprehensive collection of clues. Our mission is clear but the work is cut out for us: Identify the celebs beneath the costumes before they’re unmasked. We think we might have an idea about who Broccoli is now, but are we right about the cunning crudité? We want to hear what you think!

As we’ve done all season, we’ll continue to update the gallery at right with information gleaned from this week’s show, and we’ll add our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes. So let’s get at it! Put your sequined, feathered, Swarovski-crystalled thinking caps on, then make sure to log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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