The Masked Singer: New Clues About Squiggly Monster, Broccoli and More — Plus, Could Serpent Be [Spoiler]?

The Masked Singer Season 4 Episode 6 Clues Guesses

The World Series is over, which means now the games really begin.

We’re talking about The Masked Singer, of course, which returned Wednesday after a baseball-related hiatus. The episode introduced the performers of Group C: Jellyfish, Squiggly Monster, Mushroom, Lips and Broccoli. Some, like Mushroom, seemed like one thing in their clue packages and seemed like something completely different on stage. Others, like Jellyfish, appeared a little nervous but nailed their songs.

And at the end of the episode, like always, one of them had to go home: This time around, it was Lips. When she was unmasked, she was revealed to be The Wendy Williams Show host Wendy Williams. (Read a full recap of the episode, and check out what Williams had to say about being Season 4’s big mouth.)

Now, ahead of Episode 6 on Wednesday (Fox, 8/7c), it’s time to revisit our handy collection of clues. Our mission is clear but the work is cut out for us: Identify the celebs beneath the costumes before they’re unmasked. And thanks to some of your guesses, we think we now have an idea who’s hidden beneath Serpent’s fanged face.

As we’ve done all season, we’ll continue to update the gallery at right with information gleaned from this week’s show, and we’ll add our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes. So what are you waiting for? Think long, hard and out-of-the-mask, then make sure to log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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