Gilmore Girls: Here's What's Standing In the Way of a Second Revival Season

Gilmore Girls Rory Pregnant

A return trip to Stars Hollow remains in the cards, although myriad obstacles remain.

Offering an update on a possible follow-up to 2016’s Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino stresses that a lack of rich storylines is not what is standing in the way of a sequel.

“The great thing about families is there is always story to tell,” Sherman-Palladino recently explained during a Woodstock Film Festival virtual panel discussion (moderated by yours truly). “[Gilmore] is not like a monster [franchise] or ‘Aliens came to town!’ or ‘We finally found out who killed Laura Palmer and it’s over’-[type situation]. There’s never going to be closure between Lorelai and Emily. Ever. And the older that Rory gets and the more she finds her own footing and has her own life — and she’s potentially going to have a baby — she’s going to be in conflict with Lorelai. Conflict and story and journey are not an issue.” (FYI: We ranked Gilmore‘s best 20 characters of all time — and there are some surprises!)

Sherman-Palladino says she and her collaborator/hubby Daniel Palladino “think of” new Gilmore plots “all the time,” adding, “We’re walking down the street and we’re like, ‘Oh, sh-t, that would be a great Gilmore story.'”

So what is the issue? “There’s no [obstacle] behind it except for lives and people doing [other] things,” maintains Sherman-Palladino, who is gearing up to start production on Season 4 of her Emmy-winning Amazon comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “[A Year in the Life] was one of those kismet moments where we were kind of all looking at each other and going, ‘Well, let’s take a couple of months and hang out together and remind each other why we drove each other crazy.’ And it was a wonderful experience. I really do believe that if the time is right and the girls are where they need to be in their lives [it could happen].”

In the meantime, “Lauren [Graham] is in two series right now,” AS-P notes, referring to Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC and the forthcoming Mighty Ducks at Disney+. “And Alexis [Bledel] is in Handmaid’s Tale. They all have things… But if that [kismet] moment presents itself again [we’d do it] in a hot second.

In conjunction with Gilmore Girls‘ 20th anniversary, A Year in the Life will make its broadcast TV debut on The CW as part of a four-night Thanksgiving week event (details here).

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