Gilmore Girls: The 20 Best Characters of All Time, Ranked!

Gilmore Girls Characters Ranked

Twenty years ago, The WB made its first trip to Stars Hollow, Conn., and we became hooked on Gilmore Girls like Lorelai on a good cup of coffee.

The dramedy, which centered on the close relationship between single mom Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, aired its very first episode on Oct. 5, 2000; it ultimately ran for seven seasons (the last of which aired on The CW), then got a four-part Netflix revival, titled A Year in the Life, in 2016.

In honor of Gilmore Girls‘ 20th anniversary, we’ve ranked the show’s 20 best characters. Of course, there wasn’t room for every Stars Hollow denizen or Yale University student; for this ranking, we stuck to series regulars and recurring characters who made a memorable impact during the show’s run. (No disrespect meant to town mechanic Gypsy, inseparable Chilton duo Madeline and Louise, or Yale Daily News editor Doyle, among other omitted characters.)

Note: We ranked the Top 20 based on how interesting and dynamic the characters were, not on their likability or (we’re looking at you, Kirk) moral superiority.

Scroll through the list below to see our ranking of Gilmore Girls‘ 20 best characters, then hit the comments with your own!

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