25 TV Characters Who Deserved Better

TV Characters Who Deserved Better

Life isn’t always fair, even on television — just ask these 25 beloved characters.

And we aren’t just talking about the ones who met their untimely demise, though there are plenty of those on this list. From the only Melrose Place resident who didn’t get a proper romance to a Friends barista whose last name will remain forever a mystery, these characters deserved better for all sorts of reasons.

We’re also pouring one out for a pair of beaten-down Bonnies, a Mother of Dragons who became a Mad Queen seemingly overnight, and a certain member of the Winslow family whose sudden disappearance was neither explained nor addressed.

Spoiler Alert: Because we’re looking back at characters from 25 popular TV shows, it should go without saying that major twists (including deaths) will be spoiled. Proceed with caution, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Read on for our list of 25 TV characters that deserved (so much) better, then drop a comment with any additions to our list. Which other small-screen characters do you think deserve justice?

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