Netflix Testing a 'Shuffle' Button That Plays Random TV Shows and Movies

Netflix Logo

Having trouble deciding what to watch on Netflix? Well, now there’s a button for that.

The streamer is rolling out a new “Shuffle Play” button on smart TVs equipped with the Netflix app, according to our sister site Variety. When pressed, the button will start a random movie or TV show that corresponds to the user’s recommendations or are similar to titles the user has watched in the past. The button can be found either underneath the profile row in the startup screen, on the home screen of a user’s profile or on the TV menu sidebar.

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” a Netflix spokesperson tells Variety, adding that the streamer aims to roll out a permanent “shuffle” feature to all users at some point: “The hope is to absolutely productize something.”

Last year, Netflix tested a “Random Episode” button that allowed users to choose to watch a random episode of their favorite TV shows, rather than having to choose a specific episode manually. The button was only available to Android users, however, and still hasn’t been rolled out to all Netflix users.

Would you roll the dice and hit “Shuffle Play” to let Netflix pick your next movie or TV show? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.