Raising Dion's Jason Ritter and Alisha Wainwright on the Romantic 'Delicate Line' Between a Kid Hero's Grown-Ups

There are no radioactive spiders, crashing spacecraft or murdered parents bleeding out in dark alleys, but Netflix’s Raising Dion is a comic-book-based origin story nonetheless. Only this one raises the question of who’s the bigger superhero: the boy who begins manifesting strange powers, or the READ MORE

Breaking Bad Movie Recap: Did Jesse Get a Happy, Free-From-Walt Ending in Netflix's El Camino?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. 

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Lost in Space Season 2: Christmas Eve Premiere Date Set — Watch Trailer in Which a Boy Searches for His Robot

The Robinsons will be home for Christmas… if by “home,” you mean light years away from Earth.

It was announced Saturday at New York Comic Con that Season 2 of Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO