Power: Starz Unveils Premiere Date, New Trailer for Book II: Ghost Spinoff

Having previously teased a September launch for its first Power spinoff, Starz has narrowed down an exact premiere date for Book II: Ghost. The offshoot will begin on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 9/8c, before moving to its regular 8 pm time slot on Sunday, Sept. 13.

The 10-episode series — which serves as the first of four planned Power spinoffs at the premium cabler — picks up shortly after the events of the mothership series, which wrapped in February after six seasons. As Tariq St. Patrick grapples with a new world order that finds his mother, Tasha, facing charges for Ghost’s murder, he must also balance the academic rigors of the Ivy League university he’s attending to earn his inheritance.

“Truly on his own for the first time in his life, Tariq is forced to split his time between school and hustling to pay for Davis MacLean, the fame-hungry defense lawyer who is Tasha’s only hope of getting out of jail and escaping prosecution by newly minted U.S. Attorney Cooper Saxe,” the logline reads. “With no better options, Tariq turns to the familiar drug game, entangling himself with a cutthroat family headed by Monet Stewart Tejada, that’s been at it far longer than him. As Tariq tries to balance his drug operation with his grades, love life and family, he figures out that the only way to avoid the same fate his father met is to become him — only better.”

In addition to regular Power players Michael Rainey Jr. (as Tariq) and Naturi Naughton (as Tasha), the Book II: Ghost cast includes Cliff “Method Man” Smith and Mary J. Blige as the aforementioned Davis and Monet, as well as Sherri Saum (The Fosters) as investigator Paula Matarazzo.

“We are thrilled to bring the fans the next chapter in the Power universe with Power Book II: Ghost. We know they have been waiting too long to rejoin Tasha and Tariq as he navigates the criminal world and the academic world without ever taking his eyes off the prize: his mother’s freedom,” said series creator and showrunner Courtney A. Kemp. “Along with reconnecting with some old favorites, we are excited for the audience to meet a host of new characters, including powerful allies like Method Man’s Davis MacLean and potential foes like Mary J. Blige’s Monet Tejada. Power Book II: Ghost hits the ground running, throwing fans right back into the action just 72 hours after the events of Power 615. I won’t say too much more but what I can promise is that once the ride begins, we don’t slow down.”

Watch a new trailer for Book II: Ghost above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!