Superstore EPs Reveal Scrapped Season 1 Ending: Jonah Was a [Spoiler]

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Superstore almost went in a very different direction with Jonah Simms, revealing during Thursday’s Comic-Con @ Home panel a scrapped storyline that would have changed the trajectory of the show.

“Early on, we had talked about why someone like Jonah would stay at the store,” exec producer Gabe Miller said. “Was it just for Amy, or was there something else?

“At one point, there was an idea that, for the Season 1 finale, we would be starting at Cloud 9 corporate and we’d wonder why we are there,” he continued. “We [then] see Jonah walk in and reveal that he was a corporate spy infiltrating a Cloud 9 store to report on union activity.”

Of course, Jonah was never revealed to a corporate narc. Instead, he was among the workers who staged a walkout in the Season 1 finale when the company refused to grant Cheyenne maternity leave, and eventually led Store 1217’s efforts to unionize in Season 5.

As for corporate, we wouldn’t wind up visiting Cloud 9 headquarters until the penultimate Season 4 episode, “Sandra’s Fight,” when Dina and Amy met with higher-ups to convince them to keep the Ozark Highlands branch open.

Though the panel offered no insight into Season 6, Miller and co-showrunner Jonathan Green divulged additional scrapped ideas from the most recent fifth season:

* “There was a pitch that Glenn’s favorite food is Dippin’ Dots, the ‘Ice Cream of the Future,’ but the only place he knows how to get them is Six Flags,” Miller teased with a laugh. “Every day, before work, he goes to Six Flags, pays for a ticket, waits in line to buy Dippin’ Dots, then leaves. For some reason, he doesn’t buy a season pass.”

*  In the lead-up to Sandra and Jerry’s nuptials, “we talked a lot about the stress that Sandra would feel from planning the wedding,” Green said, “so there was an idea that… she would gradually, over the course of the season, go bald.” If that wasn’t bad enough, Carol nearly crashed the ceremony by showing up and singing “Satisfied” from the musical Hamilton.

Superstore Season 6 is set to premiere this fall on NBC, while previous seasons are currently streaming on Peacock. In the meantime, hit the comments with your reactions to the scrapped Jonah storyline.

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