Dream Emmy Nominee Elisabeth Moss on How The Handmaid's Tale's June Is 'Reaching the End of Her Nine Lives'

June’s ability to escape near-certain death on The Handmaid’s Tale — at least, so far — certainly hasn’t escaped the attention of the woman who plays her.

“It’s funny, because sometimes people will say to me, like, ‘How is she still alive? She’s committed the worst atrocities out of any of the handmaids, and yet somehow, she’s survived,'” Elisabeth Moss says in the video above, starting to laugh. “And my answer is usually, ‘Yeah, because… I’m the lead of the show. They’re not going to not have me in the show. So that’s why I keep surviving.'”

At least, that’s how her character survived until the Season 3 finale, in which June was badly wounded while helping a plane full of children leave Gilead and take refuge in Canada. But a new teaser trailer for the Hulu series’ upcoming fourth season hints that maybe June won’t be able to go back to normal life under an oppressive, misogynist regime — and why that might be a good thing.

In a recent chat with TVLine, the multiple Emmy winner — and one of this year’s TVLine Dream Emmy Nominee for Lead Actress in a Drama — looked back at Season 3, including June’s horrifying trip to the nation’s transformed capital, the “break-up scene” between her character and Yvonne Strahovksi’s, and Nick’s big bombshell (and what it might mean for June and Nick, moving forward). We also discussed a new role she’s taking on for a coming episode: director.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Moss’ interview with yours truly, then hit the comments with your predictions about The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4!

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