The 100, Then and Now: See How the Crew Has Changed Over 7 Seasons

What a time to be a fan of The 100.

Not only is the sci-fi drama mere months away from wrapping its seven-season run, but tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) flashes back to 2054 to bring the story full circle, potentially launching a new prequel series in the process.

And even though showrunner Jason Rothenberg assures TVLine that the spinoff would be a “totally different post-apocalyptic drama about a very different group of people,” the similarities between the two shows is undeniable.

We’d also be lying if we said the prospect of seeing a new group of young survivors embarking on their first adventure in a dangerous new world wasn’t making us a little nostalgic for Clarke & Co.’s earliest days in The 100‘s first season.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, we’re throwing it back to Season 1 — or Season 2 in Echo’s case — to see how much the show’s remaining characters have changed since we first met them in the year 2149. Or as we knew it… 2014.

(Disclaimer: For this list, we’re only looking at current series regulars.)

Browse our gallery of then-and-now photos — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Which longtime character has changed the most over the course of seven seasons?

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