Pretty Little Liars Update: Alison and Emily Are 'Reunited and Loving Each Other Hard,' EP Confirms

Pretty Little Liars Alison Emily

Of the many twists thrown at Pretty Little Liars fans over the years, Alison and Emily’s divorce in the show’s short-lived spinoff remains the most polarizing. Actress Sasha Pieterse even admitted that the major turning point for her character remains a “soft spot” during a recent reunion with her Perfectionists co-stars.

Fortunately, PLL showrunner Marlene King has provided a crucial “Emison” update that should put fans’ troubled minds at ease. Responding to a question about the couple on Tuesday night, King tweeted that Emily and Alison are “going strong. They are reunited and loving each other hard. Plus they are great moms, raising their daughters to be strong women who are true to themselves and their identities.”

Alison and Emily’s relationship was a major plot point throughout Pretty Little Liars‘ seven-season run, long before the couple finally began dating later in the series. When Alison’s evil husband unknowingly impregnated her with Emily’s stolen egg, for example, the two women decided to raise their twins together. The ladies got engaged in the series finale, and although we never got to see their wedding, we learned that it happened — by way of Ali signing divorce papers — on The Perfectionists.

As for the other Liars, we know from various updates provided on The Perfectionists that Aria and Ezra adopted a baby (named after her mom), Hanna and Caleb are also crushing parenthood, Spencer and Toby eloped, and Alex and Mary Drake are on the run after escaping from Mona’s Parisian dollhouse.

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