Jersey Shore Family Vacation Renewed — Will You Watch Without Snooki?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4

Who needs Snooki? That appears to be MTV’s position considering the cabler has just renewed Jersey Shore Family Vacation for a fourth season, despite Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s declaration that she is done with the franchise.

The news of Jersey Shore Family Vacation‘s renewal was first reported by our sister pub Deadline, which notes that last week’s Season 3 finale — featuring Polizzi’s exit bombshell — attracted the series’ largest audience in nearly two years. JSFV stands as MTV’s second highest-rated series, behind The Challenge: Total Madness.

It was last December that Polizzi first announced her intention to exit the show that made her famous. “I have to do what’s best for me at the moment, and I am retiring from Jersey Shore,” she said during an episode of the It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey podcast. “I am not coming back to [Jersey Shore Family Vacation] for a Season 4 if there is one.

“When I leave my kids and I film the show, I want to have a good time, and I’m putting myself out there and I just want to come off as a good person,” she continued. “And lately on the show, it’s just been very [dramatic].” She later said that she was not happy with the “direction” of the show, or the viewers who have turned against certain, unnamed costars. “That’s just not how the show works, and that’s how it’s becoming,” she said. “I don’t want that… and I don’t like the person I’m being portrayed as, and this is getting [to be] a little too much.”

Polizzi also alleged that both she and her children have received death threats. “It’s just a lot, and it’s not something that I signed up for with this show,” she said. “I need to exit myself from the situation. I don’t like the narrative of anything. So I’m removing myself.”