So, What Are DC's Stargirl's Plans for That Green Lantern...?

Stargirl Green Lantern Storyline

This week on DC’s Stargirl, Courtney Whitmore took a moment to regard the green lantern she collected from the OG JSA’s HQ. Is the superheroic artifact merely a fun Easter egg, or the seed for something more?

Earlier this year, the DC TV series Arrow made its own allusion to the Green Lantern Corps, though it was far more subtle. As vigilante John Diggle — who had long been speculated to be on track for Green Lantern-dom — was readying to relocate his family to Metropolis, a meteor crashed nearby, slamming him against a moving van with its force. Dig then combed through the debris to find a mysterious box, which, upon being opened, emitted a bright green light.

That scene, cryptic though it was, “was something that was worked out over a year ahead with DC Entertainment,” Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim explained. “We very specifically negotiated and discussed the parameters, and I feel like to say anything beyond what we have showed you would violate our agreement with DC.” (Note: HBO Max has an actual Green Lantern series in development via DC TV EP Greg Berlanti.)

Developed for the DC Universe streaming service, Stargirl thus far has been way more liberal with its mentions and glimpses of iconic heroes, both in flashbacks and during visits to the Justice Society’s headquarters. And though Courtney left behind Jay Garrick’s Flash helmet while looting the place in the name of a good cause, she did pinch Wildcat’s costume and cowl (which she promptly bestowed on classmate Yolanda), Doctor Mid-Nite’s goggles and Hourman’s hourglass (which figure into the upcoming Episode 5), Johnny Thunder’s “pink pen” (which she casually plopped into a pencil holder in her bedroom), and the aforementioned lantern.

TVLine asked Stargirl creator/series co-showrunner Geoff Johns if the show had any plans for an actual Green Lantern sighting. At first he politely deferred, “I don’t want to talk about that,” before affirming, “We have plans for the lamp, and a storyline for subsequent episodes.”

As Johns told ComicBook.com, “People want to say, ‘Oh look, an Easter egg of the pink pen or the green lantern,’ but those aren’t Easter eggs. Those are pathways to new stories. And… my hope is we get to continue to tell these stories with more seasons of the show. We’ll see. But everything leads somewhere.”

As far as which specific Green Lantern Corps member might come into play, Johns told IGN, “Jay Garrick [aka The Flash] and Alan Scott, to me, are always the elder statesmen. They’re the big heroes of the JSA, and their shadow is very long…. They are a part of the original JSA and their legacies will be felt throughout the show.”

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