Did Vanderpump Star Dodge a Bullet? Is Snowpiercer Too Tall? Did Legendary Walk Make You Misty? And More TV Qs

Vanderpump Rules Racist Prank

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including DC’s Stargirl, Vanderpump Rules, What We Do in the Shadows and The Bold Type!

1 | Seeing as Snowpiercer‘s Eric-the-Bodyguard clearly hadn’t thought through an escape plan, wasn’t his killing of barely lucid Nikki a bit gratuitous? Also, how tall are these train cars that the Chains has room for two levels and the subtrain?

2 | Quiz viewers, how many of you watched Charles Ingram’s actual Millionaire win on YouTube after Episode 2 ended, just to see how well the fictional version matched up?

3 | Obviously this Press Your Luck season was taped pre-pandemic, but did it still make you wince each time Sandy gave her “lucky hand” a biiiiig wet kiss before each pressing of luck?

4 | Was John Oliver’s piece on police brutality and the ongoing, nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor his best segment since “Make Donald Drumpf Again”?

5 | Is DC’s Stargirl going to explain how Cindy got her hands on the topless pic Yolanda texted to Henry? Kind of a major plot point.

6 | How happy is Vanderpump Rules‘ Katie that she didn’t go along with Stassi and Kristen’s moronic and racist prank against Faith that ultimately got them both fired? And would it have killed Bravo to add some sort of acknowledgement of the controversy before Tuesday’s pre-taped reunion?

7 | Has The Oval quietly pivoted to being mostly about Kyle and Donald’s affair? And speaking of the down-low lovers, have you ever witnessed a less authentic sex scene in your entire life?

8 | With news of The Challenge cutting ties with Dee over racist tweets, were you happy to see Bananas and Josh throw her back into elimination?

9 | On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., what are we to make of the way Sousa reacted to thinking Peggy Carter was inside the Area 51 base? (Eight years later, is he no longer in regular contact with her?) Also, should we worry that both Yo-Yo and May are conspicuously compromised? Could this be some sort of Back to the Future/”vanishing photo” glitch?

10 | Legendary fans: On a scale of one to misty-eyed, how much were you affected by Packrat’s liberating Body walk during this week’s episode?

11 | In What We Do in the Shadows’ season finale, did you at first suspect that the Théâtre des Vampires invite was a trap set by Guillermo’s slayer group? Also, were you disappointed there wasn’t at least one more cameo from last year’s star-studded vampire council? 

12 | Love Life spoiler alert! Were you happy to see Darby wind up with who she did, or were you hoping that a past love — either baby daddy Augie or former boarding school classmate Luke — would wind up being her “person”? And after a standout installment focused on Sara, were you hoping we’d also get an episode focused on Darby’s other BFF, Mallory?

The Bold Type Scott13 | On The Bold Type, doesn’t Jane’s potential new hire, Scott, look like he could be related to Penn Badgley?

14 | Is Council of Dads‘ Robin wrong to give David Walton’s lawman another try? (Doesn’t he seem problematically wishy-washy?)

15 | On ABC’s Don’t, is the off-camera commentator the best or the worst part of the competition?

16 | Did To Tell the Truth kinda give away who the real English Channel swimmer was, seeing as the other candidates both had visual impairments, so you had to figure they were bound for a round of “Before You Go”?

Man With Plan Series Finale17 | Did the Man With a Plan series finale have you fooled, believing Adam actually thought Andi would enjoy spending their 20th anniversary in an RV?

18 | Were you underwhelmed by Tinsley Mortimer’s anticlimactic sendoff on The Real Housewives of New York City? And do we think there have been conversations about her launching a Chicago-set spinoff?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!