Man With a Plan Finale Recap: How Did Cancelled Matt LeBlanc Comedy End?

man with a plan series finale season 4 episode 13 cancelled

Man With a Plan quietly wrapped its four-season run on Thursday night, one month after CBS cancelled the family sitcom along with four other shows. Did the makeshift series finale bring the Matt LeBlanc multi-cam to a satisfying close?

Man With a Plan CancelledAt the start of the episode, Adam revealed to Don and Lowell that he forgot his wedding anniversary. (I, for one, was shocked by this development.) He needed to come up with the perfect gift for Andi, and he wanted it to be something that she wouldn’t expect. He enlisted Lowell to find out if there was something that she secretly always wanted, but the plan backfired. Andi figured out exactly what Lowell was up to, then commissioned him to work on her behalf. She had him lead Adam to her nightstand, where she planted a not-so-subtle clue about a dinner cruise.

Like Andi, Adam figured out that Lowell was in cahoots with his significant other. He confronted Andi and confessed that he didn’t have anything planned for their anniversary, at which point she suggested a no-frills brunch. Adam seemed to be on board with the idea, but ultimately went in a different direction. On their anniversary, he surprised his wife with an RV, just like the one they took on their honeymoon. They’d hit the open road with Don and Marcy and visit such tourist attractions as the world’s largest Frisbee and… the world’s largest French fry. (“It used to be the world’s largest potato, but it got struck by lightning,” Adam explained.)

What Adam didn’t know, or so he led on, was that Andi didn’t enjoy herself on their honeymoon. In fact, she hates RVs. Marcy encouraged Andi to confront Adam, but she decided to hold off, at least at first. It wasn’t until the following morning, when Adam handed her a shovel and a roll of toilet paper to do her business outside, that she finally snapped. In turn, Adam revealed that the RV was part of an elaborate ruse to get his wife to a fancy couples resort. He knew she’d hate the camper, so he used it to throw her off the trail — and it worked!

What did you think of Man With a Plan‘s unplanned series finale? Grade the episode (as well as the final season) below, then hit the comments to mourn the show.

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