The Voice Top 17 Results-Show Recap: Were the Right 8 Singers Eliminated?

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As The Voice hurtled toward Season 18’s finish line Tuesday, a whopping eight singers were sent home. Well, metaphorically speaking; technically, they already were home.

Based on Monday’s performances — and your responses to TVLine’s poll — it seemed like a safe bet that the four artists immediately voted through were going to be Team Nick Jonas’ Thunderstorm Artis, Team Blake Shelton’s Todd Tilghman, Team John Legend’s CammWess and Team Kelly Clarkson’s Micah Iverson. Nick, I figured, would save Allegra Miles; John, Zan Fiskum; Kelly, Mandi Thomas (though I was rooting for Megan Danielle); and Blake, Toneisha Harris. But, of course, the coaches love nothing more than to prove me wrong. So, who wound up advancing to the semi-final?

the-voice-recap-tk-tk-tk-tk-eliminated-top-17-resultsSAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE
(in Chronological Order)
Todd Tilghman (Team Blake), who, bless his heart, seemed to have some trouble unmuting Zoom (been there!)
CammWess (Team Legend)
Micah Iverson (Team Kelly)
Thunderstorm Artis (Team Nick)

Toneisha Harris (Team Blake)
Zan Fiskum (Team Legend)
Megan Danielle (Team Kelly), whose family looked to be the size of a football team — possibly even bigger than Todd Tilghman’s?
Allegra Miles (Team Nick)

Joei Fulco (Team Blake)
Roderick Chambers (Team Nick)
Arei Moon (Team Nick)
Mike Jerel (Team Legend)
Mandi Thomas (Team Kelly)

The second-highest vote-getters from each team then went head to head (to head to head) in hopes of winning the…


Joanna Serenko (Team Blake), “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” — Grade: A | Aw, man. From the first note, I thought that Joanna was gonna — or at least should — be tough to beat. The light jazzy style that she favors hasn’t traditionally fared well on the show, but it’s certainly done all right by, say, Norah Jones. If you ask me, her voice is the aural equivalent of sunshine. I didn’t blame Blake for keeping Toneisha, but if Joanna went, I’d miss hearing more from her.

Mandi Castillo (Team Legend), “True Colors” — Grade: B | Based on this performance, I actually think that Mandi probably has a great Cyndi Lauper cover in her; this just wasn’t quite it. She ran into trouble — technical issues, I believe — early on, and it took her a bit to recover. “It was perfectly executed,” her coach insisted afterward. I agreed, if what he meant to say was pleasantly, adequately executed.

Cedrice (Team Kelly), “Breathin'” — Grade: D | I want to like Cedrice as much as the coaches do, but damn, she is so pitchy. Is she lovely and charismatic? Definitely. But she’s also vocally as exciting as drying paint. Not even an exciting shade of paint, like a bland taupe or ecru or something.

Michael Williams (Team Nick), “To Love Somebody” — Grade: C | Michael started off with enough pitch issues to get him kicked off a baseball team but got stronger as he went on. Definitely not so much stronger, though, that he should’ve taken the spot in the semi-final that should’ve gone to Joanna or Mandi. If he got the votes to advance, it was going to be, I suspected, because of his popular coach, not because of his nuanced singing.

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE | Joanna Serenko (Team Blake)
ELIMINATED | Cedrice (Team Kelly), Mandi Castillo (Team Legend), Michael Williams (Team Nick)

So, did any of the results surprise you? Any of the coaches’ picks? Vote for the eliminee you’ll miss most in the poll below, then check out our Final Four predictions here.

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