Outlander Video: Claire's Encounter With an Old Foe Takes a Startling Turn

The Browns (boo! hiss!) return in this week’s Outlander, and when the brothers and their men come riding up to Jamie and Claire’s front door, the Frasers instantly are on guard.

Which is understandable, given how contentious and ugly Claire’s most recent interaction was with the brothers. You’ll recall that, after she basically accused Lionel of shooting his daughter’s lover in the back during the Battle of Alamance, Lionel kicked Claire’s precious glass syringe to the ground and stepped on it. That meant she didn’t have the crucial piece of medical equipment when Jamie was most in need of it.

In the exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode (Starz, 8/7c) above, Richard Brown and Jamie talk outside while Claire beckons Lionel into her surgery to deal with his festering leg wound. Inside, she is icy but polite as she asks after Bonnie, the baby she and Jamie left with Brown’s niece.

But Lionel isn’t interested in chitchat. “I know what you think of me, Mistress Fraser,” he says bluntly, bringing up Isaiah Morton’s suspicious wound during the fighting. (And even if he didn’t know, that judgy eyebrow Claire gives him makes her feelings perfectly clear.)

However, Brown then brings up a point that makes her reconsider everything. What does he say? Click on the video above to hear, then hit the comments with your predictions for the second-to-last Outlander of the season!

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