Grey's Anatomy: Season 16's Sweetest, Saddest, Most Shocking Moments

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If we didn’t know for a fact that coronavirus concerns had forced Grey’s Anatomy to wrap production a few episodes shy of what it had intended to be its finale, we would never have believed it. Season 16 was so overstuffed with hookups and meltdowns, hearts broken and mended, that our list of the 10 most memorable moments ballooned to a whopping 16 entries. And even then, we felt like we were probably leaving a few good ones out!

Among the scenes that did make the cut are the ones in which Richard’s medical-conference presentation became fodder for mean meme-makers, Link proved to Amelia that he would make as great a partner as he would a dad, Meredith reminded Koracick which of their names was on the hospital, and Teddy left an X-rated voicemail for Owen that seemed destined to get her left.

Naturally, the list also includes a couple of shout-outs to the already-much-missed Justin Chambers, the original cast member whose Alex began the season reaffirming his commitment to Jo and ended it… well, completely and totally undoing their “I do”-over to start a new life with old flame Izzie. (We had, and still have, feelings about that — and if we know you guys at all, you do, too.)

To check out pics of our picks for the 16 most major moments of Season 16, click on the photo gallery above (or you can go here for direct access). Then hit the comments with the scenes we omitted that were so obvious, you’re now worried about our mental faculties.

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