Walking Dead: Season 10's Maddest, Baddest, Raddest Moments… So Far

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Technically, Season 10 of The Walking Dead won’t be concluded until later in the year, when the AMC drama is able to complete post-production on and air the episode that was intended to be its finale. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to evaluate the season to date — it is, after all, the majority of the season.

And it’s been a doozy, too, between Danai Gurira’s trippy sendoff as Michonne, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, of all people, giving us the warm-fuzzies, and murders taking us as much by surprise as they did those who were killed. Sure, there were some twists that we could’ve done without; for instance, Carol losing her level head to lead her friends directly into a trap that was so obvious, even Dog would’ve steered clear. But overall, it’s been pretty rad.

Included in the photo gallery to the right are our picks for the baker’s dozen most memorable moments of Season 10 so far. And yes, you will want to avert your eyes at times — the countdown not only includes the aforementioned executions, gory as they may have been, but the proffering of a certain “crass reward”… which, in its way, was even more unsettling.

To see which scene earned the top spot, and to relive the rest of the season’s highlights, click on the gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then hit the comments below to chime in with any moments that we missed that you think should have been included.

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