Quarantine Check-In, Outlander Edition: Which Jamie Are You Today?

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Staying inside and keeping away from friends and loved ones can create quite the emotional storm. But dinna worry, Outlander fans (and everyone else!): We’ve built you a lean-to, at least, and a roof to keep out the rain.

In this age of social distancing and the coronavirus quarantine, TVLine is checking in on your mental health state using a brand-new scale: the emotional range of Outlander hero James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. So along those lines, we have a simple question: Which Jamie are ye today?

Scared? Happy? Worried? Resigned? Wentworth Prison-levels of despair? Aye, we feel you on all of it. And it certainly doesn’t help that after last week’s episode — which ended with Jamie, Claire and Brianna discovering that Roger had been strung up as a traitor after the Battle of Alamance Creek — we’ve got to wait another week for the next installment: Outlander won’t return until Sunday, April 12, at 8/7c. Talk about leaving us hanging! (Too soon?)

Not a faithful viewer of Starz’s time-travel drama? Dinna fash! (That’s old-timey Scottish for “don’t worry about it!”) Turns out, the various visages of Outlander star Sam Heughan are a universal language of sorts.

So click through the gallery above — or to go it directly here — and make sure to take care of yourself during these trying times, Sassenachs! 

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