The Resident Hosts Revenge Reunion During Timely Outbreak-Themed Episode — Watch a Sneak Peek

Who knew Chastain Park Memorial was really located in the Hamptons?

Tonight’s episode of The Resident (Fox, 8/7c) will stage a mini-Revenge reunion, as guest star Connor Paolo — who played Declan Porter on the ABC drama — shares the screen with Emily VanCamp once again.

In our exclusive sneak peek at the hour, titled “Support System,” Paolo portrays Isaac, a volunteer with a local homeless outreach program who starts showing signs of illness (namely a cough, which is even worrying for fictional characters in these coronavirus times). Nic wants Isaac to get checked out at Chastain, but given his insurance deductible, Isaac is reluctant to get treated.

Elsewhere in the episode, The Resident will continue its oddly relevant superbug storyline, as Dr. Cain recruits Ezra to help him keep the potential outbreak under wraps. Meanwhile, Kit’s son-in-law’s condition continues to worsen.

As the real-life coronavirus crisis continues, shutting down production on more than 100 series (including The Resident), the Fox drama was one of several shows to donate medical supplies and personal protective equipment to local hospitals. The Resident‘s cast also filmed a call to action (which you can watch below), asking viewers to take social distancing seriously during the pandemic and donate protective masks to hospitals if possible.

The Resident was filming Episode 21 (out of 23) when production was halted earlier this month. There’s currently no word on how the show plans to navigate a potentially unfinished season.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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