The Masked Singer: New Clues About Astronaut, T-Rex, Swan and More

The Masked Singer Season 3 Clues Guesses Episode 8

We’ve got some fresh, costumed critters, all yours for the guessing!

This week, The Masked Singer introduced the third and final batch of Season 3 contestants, and what a menagerie it was. Rhino, T-Rex, Swan and Bear were among the newbies; Astronaut and Night Angel were there, too, just to keep it extra weird.

By the end of the hour, and despite an impassioned performance of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” Bear was the first member of Group C to go home. And when her big, pink head was removed, we learned that the woman inside Bear was none other than former Alaska governor/vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. (Read a full recap of the episode here.)

Now, with Episode 8 on the horizon, it’s time to closely study the new and old competitors and try to sniff out who’s who. We’ve pulled together a large number of clues from the Masked Singer episodes that have already aired. The ultimate goal: Guess who’s beneath those costumes before they’re booted from the show.

All season long, we’ll update the gallery at right (click here for direct access) with information gleaned from the current week’s show, and we’ll add our (and some of your) thoughts about who’s beneath the costumes. So go ahead and click through, then make sure to log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!