Survivor Recap: Grueling Challenges Push the Players to the Brink

Survivor Winners at War Season 40 Episode 4

Survivor: Winners at War returns for another #WhiteRiceWednesday and the crown is still anyone’s to snatch. Last week saw the heartbreaking boot of “old-schooler” Ethan Zohn, whose real-life survivor story tugged at our heartstrings. Will Boston Rob seek revenge for his friend’s vote-out, and can Ethan break Natalie’s advantage streak on the Edge? Let’s find out!

After that hairy tribal, Adam now knows the error of his ways: He should’ve never told Rob his alliance’s plan. “I was playing all sides and unfortunately, everyone knows it,” says Adam. “Now I feel like everything’s completely changed, and I need to make an apology tour.”

Over on Dakal, spirits are high and happy. Yul says they’re on a roll — they all like each other, and they’re eating well, too. Sophie speculates about how miserable the others on the Edge must be. She compares it to a class trip she took as a kid to a prison. She really, really doesn’t want to find out what the Edge of Extinction is like.

ON THE EDGE | The castaways have another chance to earn a fire token. They must carry 20 logs, one at a time, up and down the mountain… and they must finish before sundown. Ethan thinks it’ll be a piece of cake, but it doesn’t take long for the task to become grueling. Natalie, however, is a machine. She’s a CrossFit trainer with some serious endurance, and she attacks it hard and fast. Amber, on the other hand, feels completely depleted, while Ethan starts struggling hard. “I’ll go until my legs collapse or the sun goes down,” he says.

Soon enough, medical is there to check his blood pressure. He’s four trips away from a fire token, but the doctor assures that if he continues on, he must rest or risk fainting. He wants to show everyone that you can get through life’s hard moments, you just have to keep going. Having been through cancer, he tells himself that he’s been through much worse. After that, it’s a tide of tears. Natalie breaks down in the water, while Amber cries it out at camp. Danni calls Ethan’s feat “inspiring;” the three women go with Ethan on his last trip and they all bond over the day they’ve had. “That was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” he says.

On Sele, Jeremy says Adam’s acting like one of his children — he knows he’s in trouble, and he’s making a serious 180. Parvati wants to avenge Ethan’s blindside. She and Rob talk to Adam about possibly linking up, but Adam’s lips are sealed. Rob makes up up a fake story and tells Jeremy that Adam is trying to figure something out. Michele and Jeremy have had it. “Adam’s got to go… I can’t keep babysitting him. I’m done with it,” Jeremy says.

Back at Dakal, it’s a party! Everyone’s laughing, playing games and talking about their bad breath. Sarah discusses her bond with Tyson and says he’s the type of person she can rely on. Tyson knows that underneath all the good moods, serious gaming is going on. He thinks the people who are not connected (Nick, Wendell, Sophie and Yul) are joining together. He’s right. He tells Sandra and Tony, but Sandra thinks he’s scheming. Tyson fired a shot at her first, and she wants him gone.

IMMUNITY IS UP FOR GRABS | The tribes must swim out and pull a boat to a tower to retrieve keys. The keys unlock pieces to a puzzle they must complete for immunity and reward: chickens! Dakal is first to get all their keys and first to the puzzle. Parvati and Denise are struggling to get their keys. Adam gets two of them, but can’t grab the third no matter how many times he jumps. Dakal has all the time in the world to work on their puzzle, and this challenge is theirs to lose. Adam finally gets the key, but Sele has a lot of ground to make up. Rob and Michele are back on the puzzle, and they’re looking for redemption. In one of the biggest comebacks in the history of Survivor, Sele wins! “What. Just. Happened?” asks Jeff Probst. And that’s why you never give up in this game (which is truly the theme of this episode).

TROUBLE IN PARADISE | The honeymoon is over for Dakal, which must now scramble to figure out a plan. Tyson and Sarah talk about Nick as a target. He’s one of the unconnected players Tyson wants out of the game. Wendell, however, sets his sights on Tyson. “Tyson is the biggest threat on this beach because he’s well connected on the other side. Once he links up with Rob and Parv, they could do a lot of damage together,” he says. Nick feels protected, but he’s definitely nervous. Tony talks about keeping Tyson, since he’s a shield that protects them, and Sarah agrees. Sandra, however, isn’t sure.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Yul talks about wanting to avoid showing where the lines in the sand are. All of the Dakal members agree that if there is a tribe swap, Dakal will stay strong. They talk about how perceptions of each other from TV affect how they perceive each other in the game. Nick says Parvati was his crush in high school, but he agrees with Sophie that idolizing other players is almost like having a lack of confidence in yourself. Jeff goes to tally the votes and no immunity idols are played: Tyson is the latest player heading to the Edge of Extinction. On his way out, he gives his fire token to Nick.

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