Survivor Recap: Sharks Out for Blood

Survivor Winners at War Season 40 Episode 3

Thanks to the Edge of Extinction twist, Survivor: Winners at War is still anyone’s game. As a result of last week’s messy tribal (which sent Survivor: Guatemala champ Danni Boatwright to the Edge), it’s looking like the “new school” players are particularly out for blood. If Sele loses another immunity, will Adam be able to jump-start an underdog revolution and blindside Boston Rob or Parvati? This season, anything’s possible and you can bet someone’s got a blindside brewing.

We start with Adam telling us that the three old schoolers (Rob, Parv and Ethan) are controlling the game, but he’s ready to flip the script. “This is the time to draw the line in the sand and target some of the big dogs in this game,” he says. Adam makes a pitch to Denise: They eject Parvati in order to maintain relationships with Ethan and Rob. Denise is on board, ready to hop into the driver’s seat rather than play Rob’s game. Ben and Michele seem down, too. It’s possible a Survivor legend could find his or her torch snuffed tonight… or maybe not. Adam tells Ethan the plan, and unfortunately, Ethan’s tight with Parv.

THE QUEEN STAYS QUEEN | Over on Dakal, Sandra tells us this season is her last. (Say it ain’t so, Queen!) Tyson, Yul and Sophie are on to Sandra’s game. They know she spreads misinformation to stir things up. To say she’s one of their targets is an understatement. But hey — at least she’s scoring the tribe some fresh shark meat! Take that, Jaws. Yul appreciates what Sandra does for morale, so he tells her that Tyson is targeting her. “If you come after me, I better not find out about it,” Sandra says.

On the Edge, the women receive tree mail that points them to a particular group of island trees. They find a box with a combination puzzle on it. Natalie realizes that the string from the clue had shells on it arranged in a sequence of numbers. She uses that info to crack the code and win a steal-a-vote advantage. Once again, Natalie has to decide who to attempt to sell it to so she can try to earn another fire token. The Natalie Fan Club line starts behind me, kids.

OFFICER SARAH GOES UNDERCOVER | At Dakal, Sarah finds something in her bag and pulls out the note Natalie sent her. It’s a risky move. Not only will it cost her a fire token, but she has to infiltrate the other camp and find the advantage without her opponents catching her. Sarah accepts and calls on her Cops R Us partner, Tony, to help her out. Tony covers her face with some spit-infused ashes so she’s camouflaged. Then, Officer Sarah is on a mission. She clangs bamboo together and snaps twigs in half like Survivor‘s version of a bull in a china shop; she finds the advantage hidden inside the top of a torch. She takes it and flees like a bat outta hell.

IMMUNITY IS UP FOR GRABS | An obstacle course and a puzzle stand between the tribes and immunity. They’re also playing for a Survivor BBQ! Players dart across ramps in order to dig a ladder out of the sand that helps them climb up to retrieve a rope. Dakal gets to the puzzle first, and Sarah and Sophie get started. Sele isn’t far behind them though, and since this isn’t our first rodeo, Survivor fans, we know that puzzles are the ultimate equalizer. Rob and Michele take on the puzzle for Sele, with Rob hoping to redeem himself from last week’s challenge disaster. It’s a tight race that’s back and forth, a real nail-biter… until Sophie and Sarah seal the deal: Dakal wins immunity and reward! Did you gasp out loud and jump out of your seat when Sarah dropped those puzzle pieces? (PICK THEM UP FASTER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?) Oh, uh… me neither…

SELE SCRAMBLES | Defeated once again, camp is quiet as a mouse rat. Parvati, Ethan and Rob seem to be the targets. Adam has a sit-down with Rob, telling him that Parvati will eventually go after him. Rob agrees… to Adam’s face. Rob then goes to Michele and Jeremy to pitch an Adam blindside, which Parvati is down for. She says Adam broke “the cardinal rule of Survivor,” which is telling your plan to an ally of the person you’re targeting. Michele, Jeremy, Denise and Ben are flabbergasted. “Why would Adam do that?” asks Ben. Couldn’t tell ya, dude. Michele, itchy to prove herself as a player in this game, mulls turning the tables on Adam.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Jeff asks the tribe about how losing affects tribe morality. Ethan says you really have to take care of yourself, and Adam agrees. Everyone seems attached to someone else, he says, but trust is fleeting. Michele wants to roll with the people who make her feel giddy; sometimes it’s just a gut feeling. Rob says you really don’t know who you can trust until after you go vote. Parvati talks about being a “billboard target,” and says she doesn’t really have that many options. “This alliance thing is very new to me…,” starts Ben, and UGH, HOW DID THIS GUY EVER WIN? Thankfully, we don’t have to listen to Ben’s nonsense for long because it’s time to vote. No one plays an idol, and Jeff tallies the votes: Ethan is blindsided and leaves his fire token to: Parvati.

Were you completely shocked by tribal tonight? And are you bummed to see Ethan go? Sound off in the comments! 

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