Survivor: Winners at War Advantage and Fire Token Tally: Who Has What, Now?

Survivor Winners at War Jeff Probst

If Survivor was considered a sport, then Winners at War would be an all-star game on speed.

Whether you’ve joined a fantasy league or are simply spectating from the couch with an adult beverage of choice, keeping track of the players’ strategy and social rankings has become a challenge in and of itself. Adding even more complexity and unpredictability is the inclusion of fire tokens, which can be used to buy strategic rewards or food. If this show wasn’t already at Peak Advantage (which some fans, understandably, don’t love), then this season is like Ghost Island cranked to 11.

If your head is spinning trying to keep track of alliances, strategies, in-game currency and like, a bajillion advantages, we’ve got you covered! Let’s tally up each castaway’s goods as we prep for the inevitable tribe swap that’s surely around the corner.


One fire token/zero advantages:
Tyson Apostol (Blood vs. Water)
Wendell Holland (Ghost Island)
Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
Nick Wilson (David vs. Goliath)

Two members of the tribe share a hidden immunity idol. Since it was found in the jungle, these members still have their original fire token, as well. The rules indicated that the finder of this idol had to give half of the idol away, and the two halves can only be used together, which makes for a trickier tribal play.

One fire token/half an idol:
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (One World)
Sophie Clarke (South Pacific)

Lastly for Dakal, two players purchased advantages from Natalie (who’s living on the Edge of Extinction) for the cost of one fire token.

Zero fire tokens/one advantage:
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villains) — one immunity idol (good for three tribal councils)
Sarah Lacina (Game Changers) — steal a vote advantage


One fire token/zero advantages:
Adam Klein (Millennials vs. Gen X)
Ben Driebergen (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers)
Michele Fitzgerald (Kaôh Rōng)

The following four tribe members were gifted fire tokens from castaways who were voted off.

Two fire tokens:
Rob Mariano (Redemption Island)
Parvati Shallow (Micronesia)

One fire token/one advantage:
Jeremy Collins (Cambodia) also purchased an advantage from Natalie: safety without power. This allows him to leave any tribal council and return to camp safely, but without the opportunity to vote.

Two fire tokens/one immunity idol:
Denise Stapley (Philippines) found the split idol and gave half of it to Adam; Adam returned it to her giving her the power of one complete idol.


Last but not least, let’s not forget about those contestants livin’ on the Edge:

Zero fire tokens:
Amber Mariano (All-Stars)
Danni Boatwright (Guatemala)
Ethan Zohn (Africa)

Three fire tokens:
Natalie Anderson (San Juan del Sur) is Queen of the Edge (sorry, Sandra), having sold three advantages to people in the game.

So what can players buy with their tokens? Here’s a reminder of what goodies were on the price list:

-One advantage in the Edge of Extinction return challenge: one token (max of three can be purchased)
-Idol with full power (only has power if a castaway gets back in the game): three tokens

A pizza, jar of peanut butter, bottle of wine, six-pack of cold beer and a hammock: one token each

Now it’s your turn! Who are you rooting for to come back from the Edge and who’s your pick to win it all? Sound off in the comments below! 

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