TV Pet Peeves: 20 Things TV Needs to Stop Doing, Right This Minute

TV Pet Peeves

We love the magic that comes out of the television box, truly we do. But even the best lovers can have pretty bad habits, shortcomings that surface again… and again… over and over… until you can look the other way no more.

Well, this TV Pet Peeves photo gallery is us not looking the other way.

Whereas in the past, the pages of TVLine have delivered a deep-dive investigation into the maddening #EmptyCoffeeCups phenomenon and begged the collective Powers That Be to stop having the resident know-it-all be told to “Put it in English!,” herewith we have rounded up a full 20 TV nits we wish to pick in public. The hospital IVs that get rrrrrriped out of one’s vein without regard, the thumping “Ain’t This Police Investigation Cool?” soundtracks that drown out dialogue, the ginormous “no cell phone signal” alerts we can only dream our iPhone displayed.

These 20 examples listed here (including a few Tired Tropes) of course do not capture every TV Pet Peeve that is out there, just the ones that pop up on the small screen to such an incessant degree that we had no choice but to compile a list over the years and illustrate them here.

Review our list of Pet Peeves and Tired Tropes (click here for direct access), and then sound off with those that drive you most batty when clearing out your DVR and streaming.