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The Masked Singer Castoff Cites Past Seasons' Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight as Inspiration: 'Why Not Me?'

Warning: This post contains a major spoiler from Wednesday’s The Masked Singer.

Even though Mouse was ejected from competition at the end of this week’s Masked Singer, she should keep smiling, keep shining, knowing she can always count on… the fact that she held her own in the zany musical reality series.

When the furry female was unmasked in the hour’s final moments, she was revealed to be six-time Grammy winner, former Solid Gold host and legendary vocalist Dionne Warwick. (Read a full episode recap.)

TVLine spoke with Warwick Wednesday about her brief (two episodes!) stint on the Fox series.

TVLINE | You have such a recognizable, rich voice. Did you think you’d be out right away?
You know, I must admit: I thought, “Well, everybody’s gonna know who I am.” [Laughs] There’s no way I would be able to sing any other way than I sing.

TVLINE | I know you’ve performed and recorded before with Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, both of whom have taken part in the show. Did you by any chance talk to them about the show?
No, I didn’t talk to either of them. I watched both of their shows; they sounded great — I, of course, immediately knew who they were. [Laughs] It was quite interesting to hear who [the judges] thought they were.

TVLINE | What made you want to do this show?
Well, I thought if [they] did it, why not me?

TVLINE | Contestants in the past have talked about how hard it is to sing inside those costumes. What was your experience like inside Mouse?
I had no problem with singing in it. The only thing that I was very cognizant of was the motion of that head. It was quite mobile.

TVLINE | So Mouse almost lost her head a few times?
[Laughs] She moved it quite a bit.

TVLINE | Did you have any flashbacks to Solid Gold, in that you were surrounded by dancers once again?
I sure did. It took me back all the way to Solid Gold. The dancers did a lot of dancing around on that show and were quite good — as the dancers on this show are.

TVLINE | What’s something that sticks out in your mind about Solid Gold?
Oh my! The amount of wonderful guests that I had the pleasure of interacting with and singing with. The genre of music that had a very broad spectrum. It gave me an opportunity to be able to sing, rock, country, all genres of music.

TVLINE | So many people have covered songs that you made famous. Are there any covers of your songs over the years that you’ve liked?
Oh yeah, actually. That’s quite a compliment when people want to sing anything that I’ve recorded. Luther Vandross… when he decided to do “A House Is Not a Home”… when you hear it, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the definitive version of that song. He really made it his own.

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