What on Flash's Map Surprised You? How Long Can Grey's Doc Phone It In? Is H50 Cop a Killer? And More Qs

The Flash Cisco Map

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Flash, Criminal Minds, Good Trouble and Star Trek: Picard!

1 | When Netflix’s Ragnarok finally pitted Magne and Vidar against each other, were you hoping for a longer, bloodier battle? Also, did the old woman with the crazy eyes just turn into a bird? (What does she know and why didn’t she tell us!?)

Hawaii Five-0 Danny Dream Woman2 | TVLine reader LG asks, “Did Hawaii Five-0‘s Danny basically kill his ‘dream girl’? As any number of medical TV shows have taught us, you don’t pull large pieces of shrapnel out of injured people unless you want them to bleed to death before help comes.” Also, to what end is the show subjecting Danny to such fresh, unsolicited heartbreak?

3 | When The Outsider‘s Jeannie was trying to convince husband Ralph that she wasn’t dreaming up the late-night break-in, why wouldn’t she point out the cut on her foot that was clearly very real?

4 | Was Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s assumption that Turtle’s entire clue package indicated that he was someone who knows both her and husband Donnie perhaps the most self-centered thing you heard on TV this week? Also, why does Llama have four legs and two (human) arms?

5 | When The Neighborhood‘s Tina finally met Malcolm’s girlfriend Sofia, were you surprised that she wasn’t exposed to the school teacher’s unusual cackle?

McMillions6 | Are McMillions‘ excessive reenactments entertaining, or too hokey? What cheeky code name would you have given the FBI’s undercover operation? And dare we dream that supremely unfunny and aggressively grating Special Agent Doug Mathews gets reassigned to another case in Episode 2?

7 | Surely five hours of The Bachelor airing in a single week is more than even the most devoted members of Bachelor Nation want to consume? Surely?!?

The Flash Cisco's Map8 | What about The Flash‘s map of the United States most surprised you, given your Arrowverse viewing to date? That Star City is on the West Coast? That Gotham is a stand-in for Chicago, not New York City?

9 | How does Legends of Tomorrow‘s Constantine always pour such a perfect circle of ash? (Probably answer: CGI!)

10 | Which new Arrowverse opening credits do you like most: The Flash‘s or Legends of Tomorrow‘s?

11 | On Riverdale, what even was the point of Jughead’s “duel” with Bret, if he could just forfeit and not suffer any apparent consequences? Hiram is definitely lying about having a debilitating disease, isn’t he? And are you kind of glad Archie’s Uncle Frank skipped town, since his storyline was going nowhere fast?

12 | Criminal Minds fans, do you struggle with how hot Spence and Cat are together? (Also, do you think Matthew Gray Gubler is truly that clumsy on roller skates?) And in the second episode, about a father trying to reunite with his dead son in a parallel universe, how did no one — like, say, nerdy Reid — reference Fringe?

Chicago Fire Dusty/Tuesday13 | Were Chicago Fire‘s Dusty and Tuesday the cutest couple on TV this week?

14 | Much as you might like Good Trouble‘s Mariana and Raj, are you kinda rooting for Mariana and Evan? And seriously, how is it possible that Callie’s beau Jamie got even more perfect, first offering to move and then negotiating a fair rent agreement with his girlfriend?

15 | TVLine reader Emor wonders of SNL‘s latest host announcements, “Is John Mulaney going for the record of fastest to the Five Timers Club?”

16 | Star Trek: Picard fans, did you get chills when the Next Generation theme played at the end of this week’s episode? And are you getting some icky Jaime-and-Cersei vibes from Narek and his sister Narissa?

17 | How long does Grey’s Anatomy think it can get away with having Alex “phone it in”? And wasn’t it as on-brand as it was petty of Catherine to try to buy Pac-North to spite Richard?

18 | On A Million Little Things, how fast was Delilah speeding that she, Gary and Rome were in New York before a 7 or 8 pm curtain at Alice’s play, yet back in Boston — a four-hour-plus drive — before Maggie had dinner?

Vanessa Bayer19 | At what point does Vanessa Bayer get her own NBC Thursday night comedy?

20 | Which is harder to believe — that the 20somethings of Katy Keene all know about the movie Mannequin (released 33 years ago), or that Lucy Hale’s character lives off of bodega sandwiches?

21 | What are the odds that John Travolta will return to re-introduce Idina Menzel (correctly this time!) before her Frozen II performance at Sunday’s Oscars? The producers have to at least try to make that happen, right?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!