Arrow Spinoff Would Answer This Question Left Dangling by Series Finale

Green Arrow & The Canaries

If Green Arrow and the Canaries gets ordered to series at The CW, the planted Arrow spinoff will address a few questions/seeming incongruences left dangling by the mothership’s Jan. 28 series finale.

Foremost on many viewers’ minds is the fact that in Arrow‘s series finale, Dinah Drake (played by Juliana Harkavy) announced to Diggle and Rene that she was not going to accept a promotion to captain chief of police at the SCPD — seeing as such a gig would be a snooze in a city where real crime has ceased to exist. Instead, at hour’s end, she hopped on her hog and sped off to destinations unknown, but where her crimefighting skills might prove most beneficial.

That, however, does not seem to jibe with what Arrow‘s planted spinoff episode told us on Jan. 21: that the day after Oliver’s funeral, Dinah somehow woke up in 2040 and then decided to stay there, upon realizing “I don’t even exist” in this reborn universe’s tweaked timeline. “There is no trace of Dinah Drake or the Black Canary,” she told Laurel.

But as Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim told TVLine as part of our Burning Questions post mortem interview, Dinah speeding off on her motorcycle “does jibe” with the spinoff pilot, “given the backstory that we’ve worked out for Dinah that we haven’t revealed to you yet.

“She doesn’t get on that motorcycle and ride off and immediately end up in the future,” he added. “There is a story in between that has yet to be told.”

Arrow‘s planted spinoff pilot earned an average TVLine reader grade of “B,” with 65 percent saying they would “absolutely” tune in if it gets ordered to series.

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