Arrow Recap: Thanks for the Memories? — Grade the Planted Spinoff Pilot

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In its penultimate episode ever, The CW’s Arrow planted a seed for the future on Tuesday with a spinoff pilot that teamed up 2020’s Laurel and Dinah with 2040’s Mia. If Green Arrow and the Canaries goes to series, would you tune in?

First things first: If you came away from this planted spinoff pilot a bit (or even a lot) confused, that is perfectly understandable, seeing as it actually takes place after the events of next week’s series finale. I repeat, the spinoff takes place after the events of next week’s series finale, which includes Oliver Queen’s funeral. Ergo, we don’t yet know why Mia’s memory of her actual past had been overwritten, or how/why it is Dinah one day “woke up” in the year 2040 looking dewier than ever, etc.

Now, to recap:

Some version/possible composite of Laurel traveled to 2040 to stop Bianca “daughter of Helena” Bertinelli from being kidnapped and eventually killed. When Laurel failed to thwart the abduction, she tracked Dinah at The Fishnet (ha!), the bar the former Canary owns, sings at, and lives above. (Here and also later, we get hints about how Dinah came to be in 2040 and then stay there, having realized she “didn’t even exist,” or something.) Laurel reports that she is here to upend her frenemy’s quiet existence as police captain in a city that hasn’t had “any crime in 20 years,” to help save Bianca. Because if Bianca dies, her killer is never found and Star City devolves into a crime-ridden pit littered with random fires.

But for this mission, they need one more person/cast member….

The Mia Queen of 2040 Star City, at least as far as she knows, is a fabulous socialite, so much so that her very graduation from college is TV-worthy news. Also, Mia when we first see her is about to get engaged to her boyfriend… J.J.! That night at Mia’s graduation party/gala, we learn a few more 2040/spinoff nuggets: Zoe is alive; whereas J.J. is a good guy, Connor is a mess/addict; and William is still a hapless tech titan. Laurel and Dinah show up to investigate Bianca’s abduction, grilling for starters her ex, Trevor. That catches the attention of Mia, who recognizes neither of the women. Noting that they have a lot to do and not a lot of time, Laurel remarks that Mia needs to remember, so she twists a ring on her finger and grabs her arm. Mia in turn is inundated by a flood of memories of her actual past — training with Nyssa, living in a dystopian 2040, being a vigilante, seeing Deathstroke J.J. slay Zoe, getting almost smoochy with Connor, watching her father die (you know, the first time).

After fainting from it all and then coming to, Mia slips off with Laurel and Dinah to reconnect and get the 411 on what they’re up to. Looped in, they plot to plant surveillance equipment inside the Bertinelli home, where they learn that “it” is being relocated soon. Mia snoops around J.J.’s office, suspecting that he as Deathstroke is behind Bianca’s disappearance, but when caught by J.J., realizes that the “secret” files on his computer are but honeymoon plans. Mia realizes her fiancé is in fact one fine fella, but it’s too late — J.J. is done with her.

When Bianca seemingly posts an Insta vid from Bali, the gals analyze it and realized it’s a doctored vid of the tied-up socialite inside (you guessed it) an abandoned building. Suiting up, they find Bianca at the location and discover that her ex, Trevor, was behind the Deathstroke mask.  A group fight ensues, in which Green Arrow and the Canaries kick all the ass, before chasing Trevor himself up to a rooftop. Before detonating the roof (himself included), Trevor alludes to a “she” who is behind the threat of crime, while the ladies zipline away to safety.

After Laurel and Dinah mull the notion of turning the latter’s sweet 2040 digs into a base of operations for a Canaries club of some sort, the spinoff pilot leaves us with several mysteries:
* Who is the “she” Trevor referred to?
* Why did Trevor’s wrist tattoo match the glyphs on the infamous hōzen/family “pet rock”?
* Who kidnapped William after tranq-darting him and Mia at the foot of the Oliver Queen Memorial Statue?
* Why is Mia fated to be “The Woman Who Vanished in Crisis Failed Star City,” per a future newspaper headline?

We also get one ominous, final twist, as someone sneaks up on J.J., pinning him down and pressing a ring like Laurel’s to his head. “I need you to remember,” growls the hooded assailant. And sure ‘nuff, J.J. remembers his dastardly, Deathstroke leanings….

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