A Million Little Things' David Giuntoli, Allison Miller Tease Winter Premiere (and a Reveal of Eric's Cryptic Call)

A MIllion Little THings Season 2 Episode 10 spoilers Eddie Katherine Delilah

A Million Little Things‘ winter premiere (ABC, Thursday at its new time slot of 10/9c) takes place three months after the events of the fall finale, but viewers won’t have to hold out anywhere near that long to find out what secret Eric is hiding from Maggie.

“It’s not going to be too long of a wait,” Allison Miller tells TVLine. “You’re going to find out within the first three episodes that we’re back. You’ll start getting hints as we go along, but the reveal happens pretty swiftly.”

It’s been a while since we last hung out with the Friends of Jon, so here’s a little refresher in case you need it. In Episode 9, after Maggie told Gary she needed some time and space to figure out who she was in light of her cancer remission, the couple split. As Eric was helping a heartbroken Maggie move back into her old apartment, he excused himself to take a phone call from a friend.

“I’m gonna tell her,” Eric whispered into the phone. “It’s just, now is not the right time.” (Read the full fall finale post mortem here.)

Though Miller can’t tell us exactly what we’ll find out when Eric’s truth is revealed, she does say she was “really surprised” when she found out at the table read for that episode.

“[Showrunner] DJ [Nash] has these card-flips, where we’re so agog at what has transpired,” she says. “You look around the table, and Romany Malco’s always the best one, because he reacts in such a way where he’s just like, hands on his head, can’t believe it.” She laughs. “And I had a reaction with this that was on par with that.”

Read on as Miller and co-star David Giuntoli spill a few more scoops from this Thursday’s hour and beyond.

MAGGIE’S SABBATICAL | During the three-month time jump, Maggie “is not in contact with Gary. And she is in contact with Eric,” Miller reports. “Maggie does some deep digging and some soul-searching, and maybe a bit of travel. She does really get to a much better place than she was when we left in the fall finale.”

SOPHIE’S IRE | Delilah’s oldest child is still fightin’ mad when the show returns, Giuntoli reports, and she’s unwilling to cut her mother and Eddie any slack over their recently confessed affair. “Have you ever met a 15-year-old girl?” the actor jokes. “She has not cooled off… We pick up and everybody has to be in the same room together, and she is not at all OK with me. Or Delilah. At all.”

MAKES YOU WANNA SING | “Oh my gosh, there’s a great thing coming up that involves a musical, and it’s going to be awesome,” Miller teases, adding that Maggie will be involved, “but I’m not making the music happen. It’s so cute, though.”

DADDY DUTY | Eddie wanted to be around for baby Charlie, and he’ll getting his wish, Giuntoli previews. “He’s a full dad to Charlie, and there’s some weird, weird stuff that goes down between Delilah and Eddie. There’s some strange power struggles that go on.” —With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich