grown-ish Solves Pregnancy Mystery in Season Premiere: Did You Guess Right?

Grownish Recap Season 3

Thursday’s grown-ish premiere ended with a jaw-dropping twist so unexpected, not even the sight of a fully naked Aaron could pull Zoey’s gaze.

Sure, it had already been revealed in promos that someone in Zoey’s inner circle would find herself with child in Season 3, but Nomi — whose finale cliffhanger involved the college’s ethics committee discovering her “inappropriate” relationship with her female professor — was arguably the last person fans expected to become pregnant, let alone that pregnant. (Seriously, how long was this summer vacation?)

Sadly, we’ll have to wait another week for answers, as grown-ish opted to drop Nomi’s pregnancy bombshell in the premiere’s final moments. The rest of the episode was dedicated to Zoey once again dragging her friends and friends-with-benefits into her relationship drama.

After scoping out her new house for junior year — which the girls are also sharing with Vivek because, as Zoey explained, college drug dealers are always good for rent money — she attempted to sort things out with Aaron and Luca, only to discover that she basically misinterpreted both situations. Not only did Aaron awkwardly downplay what she assumed was a meaningful goodbye kiss (“We didn’t even smash”), but Luca confessed to chasing Zoey to the airport, leaving her to wonder if he’s still interested in her.

Luca also delivered one of the worst on-air apologies in recent memory: “Even though you were wrong about a lot of things when we were together… like, an unsettling amount… like almost everything you said was questionable… you weren’t wrong about one thing: Joey.”

Ultimately, nothing was actually resolved, though Ana did assure Zoey that she isn’t upset with her for kissing Aaron. (“I’ve gone from repulsed animosity to just detesting him to barely feeling a spark of friendship,” she explained.) So Zoey just decided to party the night away — you know, until Nomi showed up with the record scratch of the century.

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