grown-ish Finale Leaves Everything Up In the Air for Zoey and [Spoiler]

grown-ish recap

For all the progress Zoey Johnson made in her personal life during Season 2 of grown-ish, Wednesday’s finale brought her right back to where she was this time last year… albeit a few miles higher.

But let’s rewind a bit: Picking up where last week’s episode left off, the finale dropped us into the middle of Zoey telling Luca that she accepted a job offer from Joey Bada$$, which went over pretty well. Until it didn’t. Despite initially playing it cool, Luca eventually got so angry — referring to Zoey’s defense as “some double-talking snake s–t” — that he nearly left her apartment without his pants. “I can’t find them,” he said. “Probably because you stole those, too!” Ouch.

Fearing that she and Luca were unofficially broken up, Zoey breathed a sigh of relief when he showed up to her first big work event. He was excited to see her, even holding her hand as they cruised the room, leading her to believe that all was well. Again, it wasn’t. When Luca casually told Zoey that she was only hired because of her looks, she let him have it. All of it. She told him that he only supports her on his terms — that he’s always good for a pep talk, but whenever she starts succeeding, he tries to tear her down. This time, there’s no question about it, Zoey and Luca are broken up.

And here’s where things get straight-up nutty: After receiving a ride to the airport from Aaron, Zoey took a minute to appreciate what a good guy he is. “You’re always here without me having to ask,” she said, triggering a series of flirty exchanges that ended with her kissing him (!) before hopping onto Joey’s private plane and taking off for Europe. In true rom-com fashion, Luca tried to catch Zoey before she took off, but he was a split second too late. (Hey, let’s just be glad he didn’t show up in the middle of Zoey and Aaron’s kiss, Freeform-style.)

Elsewhere this week…

* Sky learned that her leg injury is worse than initially believed. She has a hairline fracture (ouch!), and it’ll keep her from competing alongside Jazz over the summer.

* The school’s ethics committee called to arrange a meeting with Nomi to discuss allegations of inappropriate conduct made about the teacher she’s been dating.

OK, time to break this down: Zoey was right to call things off with Luca, who clearly doesn’t respect her the way she deserves, but did she jump the gun by kissing Aaron? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review. 

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