24 Update: Fox Scraps 2 Spinoff Ideas, Including Potential Prequel Series Centered on Young Jack Bauer

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24‘s timeout will continue indefinitely.

Fox entertainment president Michael Thorn tells TVLine that the network has scrapped a pair of 24 offshoot ideas — one of which would’ve centered on a young Jack Bauer — that were in the early stages of development. “We had been circling two ideas for 24 spinoffs and those ideas are not moving forward,” the exec confirms. “But we’re constantly looking at other opportunities to keep the title resonant, for us and the fans.”

A potential prequel following a young Jack Bauer and a legal drama centered on the wrongful execution of a prisoner on death row were the two ideas being bandied about at Fox. It’s been three years since the franchise’s last iteration, 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins, made it to air.

“It’s one of the most important titles at our network, so whatever we do with it we want it to fell as relevant and as explosive as the original — and that’s hard,” Thorn admits. “We’re all committed to finding another version of it, but only when it’s right.”