24 Revival, Plan B: Death Row Thriller Might Beat Out Young Jack Bauer

24 Revival Legal

On the heels of the rather polarizing announcement that the next 24 revival might follow a young Jack Bauer, Fox execs have made clear that an altogether different storytelling option remains on the table.

With now 18 months having passed since the previous reboot, 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins, made it to air, Fox is mulling two options for the real-time thriller’s next iteration.

There is of course what some have already coined “Bauer: A 24 Story,” which was reported on earlier this week. “We still think [24] has a lot of power, a lot of legs,” Fox CEO Gary Newman said on Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “In terms of the prequel [concept], people love Jack Bauer,” and telling his origin story would be “a story that the audience would very much connect with.”

The second reboot scenario, meanwhile, would move the franchise “from terrorism and security into the legal world,” a notion that Newman said the producers have bandied about since Season 3 or 4, as they pondered the series’ longer-term prospects.

When rejiggering the premise, “You have to look for an arena where the stakes are high and time matters,” Newman said, and thus 24-as-legal thriller would deal with the wrongful execution of a prisoner on death row, and there are just (you guessed it!) 24 hours left for the hero to prove the convict’s innocence.

“It potentially carries some of the same values,” Newman said. “There are real emotional stakes involved.”

Of the two reboot scenarios, which would you most be interested in?

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